Devastating Overwatch bug lets heroes shoot Junkrat’s tire through walls

Michael Gwilliam
Junkrat grabs his groin in pain
Blizzard Entertainment

Junkrat mains need to be alert for a brutal new bug that is allowing other Overwatch heroes to shoot and destroy his Riptire Ultimate even when it’s behind a wall.

Riptire can be one of the most effective Ultimates in Overwatch with the ability to deal a whopping 600 damage when detonated directly at an opponent. The trade-off comes with the tire’s extremely low health.

With only 100 HP, Riptire is the least durable out of any physically spawning Ultimate, especially when compared to Ashe’s B.O.B. – who boasts a whopping 1200 health.

Additionally, while Riptire can actually go through health packs to regain HP, allies cannot actually heal the tire, meaning that it has extremely low survivability.

Junkrat attacks Temple of Anubis
Blizzard Entertainment
Junkrat mains need to beware of a brutal tire bug.

At 100 HP, there are dozens of abilities that can destroy Tire in a single shot such as Soldier 76’s Helix Rocket, a single shot from Pharah or Hanzo, Reinhardt’s Firestrike, or a direct alternate fire shot from a charged up Zarya.

Now, a bug that allows enemies to shoot Riptire through walls has been plaguing games.

In this clip, featuring PlayStation’s top Junkrat player CODCode904, who has been steadily climbing the ranks on PC into top 500, his tire is shot at by a Sombra despite the Ultimate clearly being on the other side of a wall.

“What the f**k?” the Junkrat main swore. “How did Sombra kill that tire? She shot it through the wall.”

In the next round, the Twitch streamer recalled what the issue was. “The wheel thingy goes through objects. Goes through walls,” he explained. “King’s Row, that hotel first point, that’s a wall that it goes through.”

Looking at another clip, this time from streamer BlestNa, we can see what CODCodeis referring to. As you can see, part of the tire clips through the wall, letting Ashe take aim at the Ultimate and destroy it with ease.

Hopefully, this bug is patched soon as it’s a major blow to Junkrat’s kit and something that those playing as the Australian Overwatch hero and against him should be aware of.

Until then, be sure to use your tire more liberally and aggressively so it’s not behind walls waiting to be destroyed.