Dallas Fuel player goes on massive killstreak during Overwatch match

by Bill Cooney


During a recent Overwatch match, Dylan 'aKm' Bignet went on an impressive 5 person killstreak while showing off his Overwatch League-level skills.


While attacking the second checkpoint with his team on King's Row, aKm is running McCree and begins to take aim at the opposing team.

After his Ana Nano-Boosts him, aKm is off to the races. The enemy Zarya falls to a quick headshot and Reinhardt does the same a second later.


The unfortunate enemy Hanzo is next, followed by the opposing Zenyatta who probably thought he could get away in time.

Finally, after rounding the corner he takes out the enemy McCree, and just like that the path is wide open for his team.


As a player for the Dallas Fuel, aKm has plenty of time to stream during the offseason, until Overwatch League gets going again in early 2019.

His fans might miss seeing him onstage at the Blizzard Arena, but when he's hitting shots like this on stream, they'll probably be able to survive until next year.