Dafran’s Overwatch comeback on Twitch ruined by horrendous queue times

Dafran and Soldier 76 in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment

Twitch streamer and former OWL star Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca’s return to Overwatch was a complete disaster after spending a ridiculous amount of time queuing for DPS.

Ever since the introduction of role-lock, DPS queue times have been a nightmare for many looking to play damage heroes. Unfortunately for Dafran, the popularity of the role massively hurt his return stream.

Dafran is easily one of the most popular Overwatch players. The Danish star-turned-farmer is best known for his incredible tracking, aiming, movement, and even trolling that has gotten him in trouble on several occasions.

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Now, with an Overwatch 2 beta rumored to be coming soon, the hitscan legend returned to the first game on February 2 only to be trapped in long queues that turned his OW broadcast into a YouTube react spectacle.

Dafran returns to Overwatch for 60-minute queues

While Francesca was able to play a couple of matches in relatively short succession, his third queue lasted over an hour.

By the time he reached the 60-minute mark, the Danish streamer took to Twitter to mock Overwatch with a screengrab of his time spent waiting.

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“Hey, guys and girls! I am in a 1-hour queue. Come play Overwatch and let’s have a good time!” he captioned the post.

Luckily, he did end up finding a game during prime hours, but only after he spent over an hour reacting to videos on YouTube and other Twitch clips. In the end, he only played six matches in four-and-a-half hours.

When he returned to stream later in the day, he was able to get more games, pull off some stylish plays, and even reveal that he would be on Twitch again for good with a new schedule.

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“Gonna change my schedule so I will be able to get games and play Overwatch again and full focus on streaming again. I have realized that it’s just too good an opportunity to pass up on,” he said.

Hopefully, we can see more of Dafran playing Overwatch, especially with an OW2 beta potentially coming very soon and a switch to 5v5 which could end up making queue times a lot better for everyone.

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