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Dafran’s confrontation with Overwatch stream sniper ends in epic fail

Published: 16/Mar/2020 19:37 Updated: 16/Mar/2020 20:03

by Michael Gwilliam


Former Overwatch League pro Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca called out an alleged stream sniper after getting the player on his team.

Earlier in the streamer’s broadcast, Dafran complained that he was being stream sniped when an enemy McCree was able to “predict” his exact location while he was playing Tracer on Volskaya Industries.

“I’m being stream sniped. I need help,” the Danish DPS prodigy told his team before dying. “F**king stream snipers, dude.”

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
Dafran is a retired Overwatch League pro.

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A few games later, Dafran encountered the stream sniper again, this time as a member of his team on Hollywood.

After a disappointing defense, M1DNIGHT called Dafran “spastic,” prompting the former pro to demand the player talk in team chat with his microphone.


“You did absolutely nothing and you stream sniped, dude,” Francesca accused.

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“Why would I stream snipe you?” M1DNIGHT asked, but Dafran didn’t buy it.

“I remember you on f**king Volskaya, dude,” he continued. “You little piece of sh*t… how did you know?” he asked, alluding to the incident where the player seemed to know Dafran’s location perfectly.

“I checked every single corner,” the player claimed, prompting Dafran to mock him.

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The former Atlanta Reign star went on to say that the player better check every single corner in his game or else he was “f**king stupid.”


“Okay, I’m gonna watch you, dude,” the streamer said and mere seconds later, M1DNIGHT died to the classic Junkrat trap/mine combo right as the spawn doors opened. “You didn’t check that corner, did you?”

The attacking round did not go so well for Dafran either as his team ended up being fully held on Hollywood.

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“Hey M1DNIGHT, f**king close the stream next time we play against each other!” the Danish streamer cried, prompting his nemesis to spam racial slurs. “Okay dude, I f**king knew it.”

Francesca went on to report the player for abusive chat and saying the “forbidden word.”


“Only a stream sniper would say that,” Dafran told his viewers.

While the whole incident was crazy for both sides, at least the former pro had some karma go his way when his adversary died right off the bat for not checking corners like he said he was.