Dafran wows Twitch with epic Overwatch clutch in time for pizza delivery

. 2 years ago
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Retired Overwatch pro turned Twitch streamer Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca amazed his viewers with an incredible clutch play to end a round so he could get his pizza in time.

During a March 30 stream, Dafran was waiting for his pizza delivery to show up and was right in the process of ending an Overwatch match. While his team was up 3-1 on Hollywood having already attacked, anyone who has played Blizzard’s hero-based DPS knows that rounds aren’t ever over until they’re over.

With thirty seconds remaining in the enemy team’s attacking phase, enough for a final team fight to take place, Dafran’s food arrived.

Blizzard Entertainment
Dafran got some help from his supports.

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“Oh, pizza’s here!” the Pharah player cried. He then proceeded to tell in Danish, seemingly alerting the delivery driver that he would be right there.

Thinking quickly, the DPS prodigy eliminated the opposing Ana before calling for his own healer to give him a Nano Boost to amplify his damage by a whopping fifty perfect.

“Nano me!” he exclaimed. “Nano me! I have to kill them now! I have to kill them! Nano me now!”

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With that, the healer gave Dafran the Ultimate and he unleashed his Rocket Barrage on the attackers, scoring two kills and preventing them from regrouping for a proper fight.

To end things, he nailed a direct hit onto the enemy Wrecking Ball with help from a Mercy damage boost in addition to the Nano major damage to the stalling hamster hero, scoring the elimination onto him.

“Be right back,” he told his team, landing on the high ground.

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Luckily, the Danish streamer’s team picked up a couple of frags on the stragglers to earn the well-earned win. Right when Dafran returned, he saw the victory screen, which prompted a laugh from the former pro. “Oh, perfect. We won, dude.”

While Francesca did get Play of the Game, it was for an earlier portion of the match and not his endgame heroics.

It’s unclear if the pizza tasted as good as the victory, but it just goes to show that when he’s pressed for time, Dafran can make magic happen in Overwatch.

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