Dafran loses Atlanta Reign Overwatch 2 content creator spot in just three hours

Dafran OW2 canceledBlizzard Entertainment

Popular Twitch streamer and former Overwatch League pro Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca’s return to Overwatch 2 content creation was canceled just hours after it was announced.

On October 5, one day after Overwatch 2 finally went live, The Atlanta Reign, Dafran’s old OWL team, revealed he would be joining the organization as a content creator.

Much like Dafran’s original OWL announcement, the content creator video was well done and hyped up the Danish DPS superstar with some of his top moments from the first game.

“I’m extremely excited to announce I’m coming back home, dude!” he exclaimed. “I’m going to be a content creator for Atlanta Reign. It’s going to be so sick. The universe is set right.”

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Sadly for Dafran, his fans and the Reign, however, backlash to the reveal was imminent with some not pleased that the creator was getting a spot despite his history of controversy.

Dafran loses Overwatch 2 content creator spot after backlash

Just a mere three hours after the announcement, Dafran took to Twitter to reveal that Atlanta had reversed their decision to sign him.

“Atlanta Reign reversed the signing. Don’t hate on them, my name has some bad past written on it, it makes sense,” he said. “The world does not believe I am reformed yet! Maybe in a year or two. We keep on fighting the good fight. Let’s go dude.”

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Comments in the original video announcement included some negative remarks from the likes of OWL commentators Mitch ‘Uber’ Leslie and Jennifer ‘LemonKiwi’ Pichette.

“You can’t be serious,” replied Florida Mayhem coach Caleb ‘McGravy’ McGarvey.

However, some Dafran fans supported the streamer, blasting Atlanta Reign for having “no backbone” while others blamed cancel culture for the decision.

In any case, unlike those who had a meltdown over the signing, Dafran seems to be moving on and based on his comments, wants to continue down the path as a reformed creator.