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Dafran baits unfortunate Overwatch opponent by doing absolutely nothing

Published: 19/Aug/2019 15:14 Updated: 19/Aug/2019 15:38

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch streamer and former pro Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca pulled off an unusual creative play while streaming ranked matches.

After a brief stint in the Overwatch League competing for the Atlanta Reign earlier in the year, Dafran has returned to full-time streaming, and since the launch of the new role queue system has been trying out a variety of roles to find out how he compares between positions.

Dafran is best known as a DPS player, but during a match on Horizon Lunar Colony he was filling the Support role, playing Ana to utilize his Widowmaker skills to provide healing as well as taking shots at the enemy.


Lacking the firepower he’s usually accustomed to on his more standard heroes, Dafran was forced to use unconventional means to catch out an enemy and have the offensive impact he usually would.

The Overwatch League

After his team captured the first control point, Dafran was the first player to push towards point B, and decided on an unconventional tactic to catch out an enemy. After he was within view of the point, he simply stopped moving completely, and pretended to be AFK.

The bait caught out an enemy Sombra, who revealed themself without bothering to use their hack – seemingly intending not to waste the cooldown on a “free” kill. Dafran was therefore able to flick to them and hit a sleep dart, securing an easy opening pick for his team.


Dafran might be one of the most mechanically skilled Overwatch players in the world, certainly when compared to even the highest tier of amateur players, but as he demonstrates here, sometimes brain can be just as effective as brawn, if not more so.

While this specific play may not exactly be a go-to move, it does serve as a reminder to players who may not be quite as gifted as Dafran that you don’t always need god-tier aim to outplay the enemy – if you consider how they’re likely to react to your actions, often you can simply out-think them.