Cross-platform progression confirmed for Overwatch 2

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Blizzard Entertainment

Aaron Keller and Geoff Goodman of Blizzard Entertainment seemingly confirmed Overwatch 2 is getting cross-platform progression during an interview with a French Overwatch content creator.

Overwatch 2’s Reveal Event gave fans a massive burst of new information surrounding Blizzard Entertainment’s new hero shooter.

Alongside the reveal event members of Overwatch 2’s development team confirmed things like the removal of loot boxes and customizable Mythic skins in various interviews.

Now, a new interview with developers Aaron Keller and Geoff Goodman has seemingly confirmed Overwatch 2 is finally getting cross-progression.

Overwatch 2 getting cross-platform progression

Overwatch 2 hero leaked details
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2 launches on October 4, 2022, reportedly with full cross-platform progression.

The interview comes by way of French Overwatch Content Creator Potxeca, who interviewed both Keller and Goodman following the Reveal Event on June 16.

While the interview has been privated, fans have apparently translated the major talking points made during the conversation.

According to Reddit user ‘imsuchanerdsorry,‘ cross-platform progression will be “additional” essentially meaning that if a player begins on PS4 and reaches level 100 then players on PC and reaches level 500, “you are level 600…on both PS4 and PC.”

Moreover, the user claims that all skins will carry over across accounts when players enable cross-progression, so fans won’t have to worry about losing rare cosmetics.

Provided this information is accurate, this is going to make a lot of Overwatch 2 players quite happy.

One of the biggest asks fans never ended up getting from Blizzard in the original Overwatch was the inclusion of cross-platform progression.

Decisions like this make it seem like Blizzard is intent on listening to fan feedback before Overwatch 2 fully launches, especially now that a third beta has been announced.

Only time will tell what other quality-of-life additions will be coming to Overwatch 2, but Blizzard seems to be making a concerted effort to please fans ahead of release.

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