Creative Overwatch technique lets Zenyatta transcend to the high ground

Zenyatta poses on Overwatch's Volskaya Industries mapBlizzard Entertainment

Zenyatta is a bit of a glass cannon in Overwatch, having an insane amount of damage potential while also being relatively easy to eliminate. However, a cool trick can let the Omnic monk get out of tough situations and up onto the high ground.

Transcendence is an extremely useful Ultimate ability, healing any ally within its radius at 300 HP per second. Additionally, it restores Zenyatta to full health and makes him immune to all damage for its duration.

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While Zenyatta may be invincible during this time, he’s not exactly immortal. He’s still vulnerable to crowd control abilities and being knocked off the map to his death, even when the Ultimate is active.

However, this actually works in the support hero’s favor. As Overwatch player ‘paypre’ demonstrated in a Reddit clip, they were able to use an enemy Ashe’s B.O.B to propel themselves onto the high ground.

After popping the Ultimate and healing up their team, paypre noticed the enemy Ashe send B.O.B onto the field. Normally anyone who comes into contact with a charging B.O.B gets sent right up into the air and takes damage in the process. However, because of Transcendence’s invincibility, they survived and used the enemy Ultimate to gain an advantage.

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It ended up paying dividends too, as the player was able to get behind the Ashe and score an elimination in the process.

The trick doesn’t have to be done with B.O.B either.’s Self-Destruct can also be used to gain a massive high ground advantage.

As shown by Overwatch League season one MVP Sung-hyeon ‘JJoNak’ Bang, he was able to get on top of the exploding mech on Eichenwalde and access the high ground right before point B.

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Of course, you should primarily only use Transcendence in order to keep teammates alive against enemy Ultimates or in dire must-win fight situations, but if you ever use the ability and find an opening to take advantage of an enemy to gain high ground, use it.

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