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Crazy Overwatch “scrap jump” gives Roadhog insane mobility

Published: 30/May/2020 22:53

by Alan Bernal


A Roadhog mirror match in Overwatch set the scene for an awesome jump that gave the beefy tank insane mobility and saved him from going over the map’s edge.

With Blizzard’s team shooter featuring an entire array of heroes, each with their specific strengths and weaknesses, mobility isn’t something that comes to mind when thinking of the Australian powerhouse.

In fact, the One-Man Apocalypse uses his imposing Chain Hook as a gap closer that opts into bringing the opponent to him rather than chasing them down – though it can slightly backfire if the Hog dies before the animation is complete.


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The strange effect can actually be a helpful way for a chained opponent to make use of like player ‘CallMeConan’ found when it looked like they were going to go down with his enemy.

“Apparently Roadhog has unlocked his Scrap Jump,” they said in jest after getting hooked by their falling opponent but was surprised they didn’t perish as well.

The Roadhog hook can give way to a strange bug.

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The close-quarter fight saw scrap fire being shot from everywhere, especially when Conan activated the hero’s ultimate ability ‘Whole Hog.’

In the madness, the enemy connected his hook onto Connor and was quickly reeling him to their position. The only problem being that it couldn’t entirely complete before the character died.


This made the player Mario-hop off the enemy’s face high enough to make it back on solid ground. In trying to explain this, players think it had something to do with a common Roadhog bug with the hook.

Apparently Roadhog has unlocked his Scrap Jump from Overwatch

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“Hook tries to bring them directly in front of you,” user ‘EwoDarkWolf’ said. “Sometimes it messes up, but usually they should end up level with you. At the end of the hook, it stops the movement. If he dies first, it can make you keep moving or bug it.”

The glitch was a surprising interaction that gave Roadhog a huge leap back to safety that even took the player aback – seeing as they tried to replicate it as soon as they landed to no avail.


Even though this jump in Overwatch might take a bit of luck and perfected timing to pull off, if done right, even Hog can pull himself out of a bad situation.