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Crazy Overwatch exploit lets Mercy bring multiple allies back to life in seconds

Published: 3/May/2021 20:58

by Michael Gwilliam


A simple Overwatch trick lets Mercy return to the glory of her multi-person mass resurrections, sort of.

Mercy’s Resurrect ability can be one of the most impactful non-ultimates in the game. Just as its name implies, casting it allows the support to bring any of her allies back from the dead.

With kills being so important to winning team fights in Overwatch, being able to undo the damage done when an enemy takes down a teammate can be instrumental in winning matches.

Of course, with such a great power comes a tremendously long cooldown and Mercy’s Resurrect has just that. At 30 seconds, it’s the longest cooldown in the game by a fairly wide margin.


Overwatch Pink Mercy
Blizzard Entertainment
Mercy has a very powerful kit.

Only Baptiste’s Immortality Field comes close at 25 seconds. And in Overwatch, those seconds can seem like a lifetime.

That said, there is an incredibly easy exploit that can let Mercy bring teammates back to life at a record pace without having to worry about the 30 second cooldown.

As showcased by Overwatch League pro Grant ‘Moth’ Espe, the support is able to bring his Ashe teammate back to life on Hanamura before running back to spawn to quickly switch heroes.

Cheeky Moth (LA Gladiators VS San Francisco Shock on Hanamura) from Competitiveoverwatch

By switching heroes quickly and then going back to Mercy, he is able to reset the cooldown on Resurrect, fly back into the battle, and bring Orisa back from the dead.


While all this was going on, the San Francisco Shock continued to near the full point capture, but thanks to his fast actions, Moth kept his former team from earning a massive three minute time bank.

Even though the Gladiators did end up losing the point eventually, this strategy can pay dividends, especially when it comes to keeping a fight going.

Had LA managed to secure a kill or two thanks to those Resurrections, the whole map result could have been flipped on its head. It’s definitely something that all Mercy players should keep in the back of their mind when defending on certain maps.