Crazy Overwatch bug makes Sombra’s Translocator invincible

Blizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Entertainment

A new glitch has appeared in Overwatch that makes Sombra’s translocator completely invincible when placed in certain areas around the game’s maps.

The Translocator is a key part of Sombra’s kit, players can throw it, then teleport to it’s location. This allows for her to quickly escape combat, quickly move around the map, and even combine it with her ultimate ability.

Normally, the abilities beacon can be destroyed by enemies if they manage to find it, but now players have discovered an bug that makes the Translocator completely invincible, but still usable by Sombra.

Blizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Entertainment
Sombra’s Translocator is one of the most powerful abilities in her kit.

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A video from Overwatch YouTuber Bloomer_ow perfectly shows how the bug works, and it seems like it should be able to happen on almost any map.

“When you throw your translocator between two objects on the map or on weird geometrical forms on the map, the Translocator’s going to glitch, and that’s going to make it unkillable,” Bloomer explained. “It’s not even like it’s hidden, it’s unkillable.”

There are so many spots this glitch can be used on, Bloomer said he couldn’t fit them all in, but did explain how you can tell if it’s glitched or not.

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For instance, there’s a point in the room with a large health pack by the second point of Volskaya that the glitch seems to work on and could be very advantageous for a Sombra to use.

Any players who are reading this and getting excited to cause some chaos with Sombra should be warned though: using glitches and exploits like this is reportable.

Blizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Entertainment
Taking advantage of a glitch would be a pretty on-brand move for Sombra, though.

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The good news is that Sombra is currently unavailable in Competitive Play, so players can’t use this exploit to farm free SR, for another few days at least.

We can say with confidence this isn’t how devs intended for Sombra’s beacon to work, so there’s a good chance this will be getting patched out before too long.