Crazy Overwatch 2 clip shows power of Sojourn with Nano Boost

sojourn overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

A clip has gone viral from the Overwatch 2 beta of the game’s newest character, Sojourn, who is quite lethal when paired with a Nano Boost.

The long-awaited Overwatch 2 beta is finally here, and players are getting their hands on the FPS for the very first time since the game was announced three years ago.

The sequel brings many changes to Blizzard Entertainment’s shooter, the most prominent being an all-new damage hero Sojourn.

A clip has gone viral from the game’s beta where Sojourn’s ultimate is paired with Anna’s Nano Boost, resulting in absolute chaos.

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Sojourn in Overwatch 2 looking dismayed with game logoBlizzard
Sojourn can lay out serious DPS in Overwatch 2.

Viral Overwatch 2 clip shows power of Sojourn’s ultimate

Sojourn’s ultimate ability, Overclock, makes her Railgun energy auto-charge for a short duration as well as make charged shots pierce enemies.

Overwatch pro-player and Twitch streamer Apply was using the new DPS hero on Ilios when he displayed just how game-changing her ultimate can be.

After calling for a Nano Boost from Ana, he dove into an enemy team in one of the houses on the map and shredded through them with piercing rounds, killing them in mere seconds. Both he and his teammates couldn’t believe how powerful the combo was as he shouted, “I’m going crazy!”

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The viral clip showed just how strong Sojourn’s ultimate can be when layered properly with Ana’s ult, making her instantly one of the most powerful DPS heroes in the game.

As the Overwatch 2 beta continues, players will continue to discover all-new interactions with Sojourn that are sure to be deadly.

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