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Crafty Overwatch trick helps you quickly take Havana’s high ground

Published: 30/May/2020 23:52

by Theo Salaun


With how dependent Overwatch is upon mobility and positioning, knowing map-specific tricks is critical and a crafty one on Havana is, once again, getting the playerbase’s attention.

A relatively new Escort map, Havana was released in May 2019, and players are still learning the tips and tricks that can take their gameplay to the next level across the beautiful Cuban city.

While the first checkpoint is pretty straightforward, with an obvious path for the Payload to travel upon and clear corners for the defending team to hold—the second checkpoint gets a lot feistier and more chaotic.

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A trick you can do as most heroes on Havana, I did this on Ana. from Overwatch

Fortunately, there’s one super simple trick that most characters can use to hit the high ground, without needing a stairwell, just past the first point. While some players should already know of this spot, many still do not—so it’s worth bringing up again, as ‘Saleturi’ has on Reddit.

Havana’s second point takes place in the Don Rumbotico Distillery, and a couple large fermenters are placed dead in the middle, alongside some high ground that players can access through various stairwells.

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Blizzard Entertainment
The high ground and fermenters within Havana’s distillery.

Securing said high ground can be crucial to winning team fights, so having quicker means of access than the stairwell can be mightily advantageous. In this simple trick, most characters (those less cumbersome than the game’s tanks) can hop up onto the circular knob betwixt the tanks, make a second hop onto an adjacent part of the machinery, and then finally hop onto the ledge above.


Doing this grants defenders easy access to a vantage point that attackers will typically try to secure, as the positioning enables a team to overlook the majority of the payload’s path to the map’s second checkpoint.

While your tanks will need to hit those stairwells on the way from spawn, this enables everyone else to move around more fluidly. If Ana, a 60-year-old mother, can jump her way up there, you can be sure that most able-bodied heroes in the game can too.

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How to get to the high ground inside the Distillery of Havana as Torbjörn from Overwatch

This trick has been shown in the past, along with an accompanying second route you can take to the top of the tanks.


But, with map pools now extinguished, some new players are hitting this map for the first time, so it’s worth a refresher in case they missed it.