Could this Overwatch theory explain the story behind Widowmaker’s “Noire” skin?

. 3 years ago

An Overwatch fan suggested an interesting theory about one of Widowmaker’s skins.

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Widowmaker’s “Noire” skin has been in the game since launch, although it stands out from most of the other original skins by the manner in which it could first be acquired.

Overwatch shipped with ten skins per hero – four Rare, two Epic, and four Legendary options each. For Widowmaker, however, the “Noire” skin was an eleventh option that players were rewarded with for pre-ordering the game.

Rather than simply being another interesting look for Widowmaker in-game, one fan has suggested that the skin could be directly related to the game’s lore.

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The story of Widowmaker is that she was originally known as Amélie Lacroix, wife of Overwatch commander Gérard Lacroix. She was captured by Talon – the shadowy terrorist organization that is Overwatch’s main antagonist in much of the game’s story – who had been trying unsuccessfully to eliminate Gérard

Talon didn’t kill Amélie, however. Instead, they turned her into their weapon, subjecting her to neural reprogramming that erased her personality. After she was returned, apparently unharmed, she killed Gérard in his sleep, before going back to Talon for further experiments and training that created a perfect, cold-blooded assassin – Widowmaker.

The theory suggested by u/rubenburgt is that “Noire” depicts the outfit that Talon used to create Widowmaker. Several nodes can be seen on her body, perhaps connection points used for the process of chilling her body temperature, and in place of hair a tangle of what look like cables falls from her helmet.


The Noire skin wouldn’t be the only lore-accurate look in the game. There are several examples of Overwatch heroes depicted in their Overwatch uniforms, for instance, and the Overwatch “Origins” edition comes with several skins that show heroes in their past lives, such as Reaper’s “Blackwatch Reyes” or Tracer’s “Slipstream”.

Blizzard have never officially commented on whether “Noire” is lore-accurate, but if u/rubenburgt is correct it’s possible that Widowmaker’s origin could be shown off in more detail with a future comic or story.

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