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Comicbook mashup turns new Overwatch hero Sigma into the perfect super-villain

Published: 31/Jul/2019 0:02 Updated: 31/Jul/2019 0:19

by Bill Cooney


Sigma was released to livestream with Seagull and Jeff Kaplan.

Players are still figuring out Sigma’s kit, but a good number are also wondering when we’ll get a chance to see some of the new heroes other skins.

“An unexpected, but not unwelcome development”

Rather than wait for Blizzard to release Sigma’s skins, Overwatch fan and artist SleepyIris designed their very own original skin based on Superman’s arch-nemesis (after Lex Luthor at least) Brainiac.

Brainiac is a super smart alien and Sigma is an astrophysicist, so they’re a good match for each other, with a combined IQ that may hit four digits.

Blizzard EntertainmentSigma: the thinking player’s tank.

Sleepy gave Sigma Brainiac’s trademark green skin and some glowing electrodes on his head that probably help to keep his massive brain contained.

Sigma also gets a badass set of black armor and some appropriately colored orbs that make him look like he’s ready to take on that Boy Scout Clark Kent anytime.

The artist also left Sigma’s toes exposed, because as we all know already: Sigma doesn’t wear shoes.

SleepyIrisHopefully Sigma’s actual skins look as good as this.

What’s coming up for Sigma?

Sigma should get skins from Blizzard before he leaves the PTR – some heroes already have them when they arrive but others, including Baptiste and Sigma apparently, have to wait a bit for them to arrive.

We do know that Sigma will be available in the Overwatch League Grand Finals on September 29, so hopefully he’ll be off of the PTR and available in the main game and on console before then.

Blizzard EntertainmentWe’ll get to see Sigma in the Overwatch League before the end of Season 2.

We may not know exactly when Sigma will be released off of the PTR, but at least players finally have the chance to try him and his abilities out while they think about what his skins could be.


Overwatch Top 500 PC streamer explains why console is “so hard”

Published: 19/Jan/2021 0:24

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch Twitch streamer Jeff ‘emongg’ Anderson is well-known for his entertaining tank play where he frequently finds himself in the higher tier’s of the game’s ladder system. However, while he may be a Top 500 player on PC, his console performance was another thing entirely.

Emongg has had a successful Overwatch career despite never going pro in the Overwatch League, he did play on the legendary pre-OWL team Selfless Gaming alongside some of the best in the world including Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca and Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won.

Nowadays, Anderson finds himself as one of the most-watched Overwatch streamers on Twitch and on January 17, decided to try his luck on PlayStation 4.

Despite his incredible game sense, the tank player found himself in more than a few precarious positions.

Perhaps the most ridiculous was when the streamer, who wasn’t in voice chat, called out that an enemy McCree was flanking on the Volskaya high ground.

After failing to confirm a kill on the cowboy, the McCree was able to pick off Emongg’s Hanzo teammate, get a health pack, and eventually take out the streamer who was playing the 600 HP Wrecking Ball.

Despite Emongg doing plenty of damage, he was unable to score the kill, resulting in yet another teammate, this time Soldier 76, falling victim to the aggressive DPS player.

Things got a bit more ridiculous when Emongg respawned and attempted to stall the point when a Zarya player unleashed her Ultimate, catching the former pro off-guard – something Anderson never expected to see in a gold console game.

“That’s a sick Grav!” he exclaimed, clearly impressed by the amount of skill some of the players had even in lower ELOs.

While that match, in particular, was tough, the streamer did manager to finish his tank placements 3-2 and barely placed Platinum with 2551 SR.

“Oh man, that was so hard!” he yelled. “Respect to the console players, guys.”

According to Anderson, he was extremely nervous to be playing on console and had no idea how he was even going to play or how it was going to go, but found his performance to be “okay.”

Now, it’s going to be interesting to see if he can continue the climb and reach Top 500 on two platforms. It’s been done in the past, but normally from those going from console to PC, not the other way around. Some notable standouts include PVPX, Flats, YZNSA, and most recently Warn and CodCode.