Clever Overwatch trick uses D.Va’s Self-Destruct hitbox to block damage

. 2 years ago
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D.Va’s Self-Destruct ultimate is one of the most prominent in the game, but some Overwatch players are just now realizing that its hitbox can actually be used as a shield against incoming damage.

Everyone who has played Overwatch in some capacity is well-aware that D.Va’s ultimate can sometimes simply be used to regain 600 health. In certain instances, you can’t properly throw the bomb toward the enemies and simply need to detonate and get back into your MEKA to survive a fight. 

While that’s unideal, in last-fight situations or close brawls, it can be better to sacrifice a concerted usage of the bomb in order to ensure your team has their tank back, with a fresh set of cool-downs ensuring the Defense Matrix is available for protection. 

But another interesting fashion for taking advantage of D.Va’s Self-Destruct has been brought to light, which is even more situationally dependent. As shown by Reddit’s ‘chocwaf,’ the exploding MEKA retains its hitbox during the three seconds it takes to detonate, and that allows you (or your team) to use the ball of decimation as impenetrable cover against incoming damage (including enemy ultimates).

In this particular situation, chocwaf is stuck in a corner of a room against an enemy Roadhog who begins to use his Whole Hog ultimate. While using Self-Destruct here may be inadvisable, as the hero is near enough to spawn to simply die and return without having wasted the ult, the clip still perfectly demonstrates a mechanic of the bomb that many appear unaware of.

When one is between a Whole Hog and a wall, they are quickly torn to bits, as the ultimate unleashes a ton of damage, which can not be avoided as the wall prevents them from being pushed back by the ultimate’s shrapnel. Here, chocwaf Self-Destructs and remains hidden between the exploding mech and the wall, enabling them to avoid all damage from the Roadhog’s ultimate and return to action.

As mentioned earlier, this may have not been the most optimal time to detonate and there may be few instances in which this is particularly useful, but it is most certainly worth knowing about. In moments where you plant the bomb, this shows that it retains its hitbox so you can actually hide behind and use it for three seconds of an impenetrable shield instead of running around in harm’s way.

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