Clever Overwatch trick allows Reaper to fool the enemy team with ease


Reaper’s Shadow Step is leaving enemies shocked due to a hilarious new strategy that could easily win your next team fight in Overwatch.

As one of the more effective flankers in Overwatch, Reaper is able to leave enemy teams confused more often than not. However, this over the top strategy might leave your opposition more than a little miffed.

Rather than rushing into the heat of combat, this risky play could win your next team fight in a genuinely creative way.

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Reaper just got a whole lot more creative thanks to this play.

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With time dwindling away throughout a March 25 match on Nepal, Reddit user ‘SuperXDemon’ was left with just one final attempt to flip the objective in their favor.

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Pushing onto the capture point in the midst of their console game, they could have easily dashed into the center of the enemy team and activated their Ultimate for a quick kill or two.

Instead of playing in the more typical manner, however, they amusingly stepped off of the point altogether, risking life and limb in the process. 

Dipping to less than half health, their strategy paid off in the blink of an eye as a pre-existing Shadow Step teleported them back onto the point for a triple kill.

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Fully expecting to see Reaper’s icon in the kill feed after embarrassingly falling off of the map, the enemy team were left baffled as the undead hero was actually one step ahead all along.

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While the play certainly risked not only their life but also the entire map, there’s no denying that the creative strategy paid off in the long run.

This tactic can be repeated across a wide range of maps with similar chasms, so expect to see Reaper’s at all levels trying this trick for themselves too.

While the trick was able to win a fight on Nepal, Reaper’s could use this strategy across a number of maps.

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If you’re looking to try out the fresh tactic in your next match, be sure to keep all of your abilities at the ready since this fight-winning ult needs quite a bit of prep time.

It’s only a matter of time before multiple Reaper’s are wrecking shop throughout Overwatch as well, due to Echo’s powerful new Ultimate that will soon be making its way to the live servers.

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