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Clever Overwatch hiding spot makes Baptiste healing a breeze on Ilios

Published: 22/Oct/2019 21:03 Updated: 22/Oct/2019 22:28

by Bill Cooney


A Tricky spot on Overwatch’s Ilios Lighthouse stage allows Baptiste to get out of the line of fire and keep his team alive.

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Baptiste’s Exo Boots charge by crouching and allow him to jump a good distance up in the air – sometimes to places other heroes might not be able to reach.

Players have been using the ability to get to spots only Baptiste can, like on Paris Point B for example, and now a new perch has been discovered on Lighthouse.

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Healing rains from above

YouTube channel Overwatch School posted a video of the spot above the doors on the Lighthouse point and shows how to get up there as well.


Baptiste has to use his Exo Boots to get on the tiny ledge on top of the doors facing the square in front of the Lighthouse and stay crouched upon landing since the space is too short to stand in.

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The area allows Baptiste to heal his team and throw down Immortality Fields out of the main line of fire on the point – as long as the enemy team doesn’t look up, that is.

Enemies not looking up may be more common in Overwatch than you think, based on what happens with a similar clever spot on Havana for Wrecking Ball.


Shhhh… their vision is based on movement. from r/Overwatch

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A new Baptiste glitch discovered

A new exploit has been discovered by players that seem to prevent Baptiste’s powerful Immortality FIeld ability from being damaged, giving the team that uses it an extreme advantage.

The exploit can happen on Dorado, up against a wall just after the first checkpoint and Blizzard hasn’t added it to their list of known exploits on the current patch just yet – so we don’t know for sure whether a fix is coming soon or not.