Clever Overwatch charge trick keeps Reinhardt alive on Eichenwalde

. 2 years ago
Reinhard Eichenwalde
Blizzard Entertainment

One Overwatch player has found a way to save themselves from being punted off of the critical Eichenwalde bridge when playing Reinhardt.

While Eichenwalde has become one of Overwatch’s most iconic maps, a lot of players admit that it’s one of the hardest to play. With perfect sniper positions nestled among bottomless pits and a whole host of Germanic houses to flank enemies through, Eichenwalde can be a nightmare for the wrong team comp.

The iconic castle is the home of main tank Reinhardt, a hero that a lot of players struggle to deal with, something that has been amplified by recent changes to the damage output of his hammer. However, the bridge area of the iconic German town can prove a nightmare for charging Reinhardts, as well as his victims.

One player, however, had found a remedy to this issue that will make Reinhardt a lot more viable.

Eichenwalde Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Eichenwalde may look quaint, but it’s a nightmare for some players.

Trick helps Reinhardt survive the Eichenwalde Bridge

One of Reinhardt’s most difficult moves to counter is his charge. For a lot of players it seems like if you’re caught in the path of the oncoming Reinhardt you’re as good as dead. However, the bridge at Eichenwalde negates this fear a little as if the charge misses then the fearsome German Crusader will fall off the edge to his death.

However, one reddit user has come to Reinhardt’s rescue. In a slightly awkward turn of events user theRealJinxRedxx takes what looks like a plunge into the Eichenwalde abyss, only to land on a tiny ledge jutting out from one of the castle ramparts and therefore surviving the fall.

They are seen hanging hard left while in mid air on the defending side, which leads them onto this platform. The ledge literally saved their life, and as they were on fire during their game, saved their team from losing one of their most valuable members.

This trick is important as it means that Reinhardt mains will be able to flex their favourite Crusader on his home turf without having to worry too much about throwing themselves into the moat.

There’s something poetic about playing a hero on their dedicated map, so here’s to many more Reinhardt games on Eichenwalde: but not too many because after all, he’s getting old and needs the odd break.

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