Charge spot on Overwatch’s Oasis can get Reinhardt ultimate in seconds

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Overwatch’s Oasis is considered to be one of the more popular post-launch maps in the game, known for its whacky areas that can lead to hype eliminations.

The City Center area features cars that can delete opponents upon impact and a jump pad that provides easy access to high ground. University has a pit in the middle similar to that of Ilios Well and Gardens has plenty of space for neat environmental kills.

Redditor Talking-Finger showed off just how impactful environmental kills can be on Gardens by taking advantage of a sneaky charge spot as Reinhardt that, if timed right, can lead to a team kill.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Reinhardt’s charge is a high-risk high-reward.

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Using the repay viewer, the user showed how Reinhardt can get in position for this power move. After leaving spawn, go down middle and onto the point. This helps when you have a Lucio to speed boost you to the objective and the other team doesn’t.

From there, with any luck – and you’d need the luck – your opponents will be coming to the point through the underground side and emerge right where the edge of the map is leaving them vulnerable to be booped off.

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At this point, once a few of the enemy has emerged, a well-timed Reinhardt charge onto the opposing main tank can provide enough knockback to send the other team off the map.

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As you can see in the video, the Reinhardt was able to pin his German crusader counterpart and send Baptiste, Mei, and Roadhog into the drink below before confirming a kill into the Ana.

While the “Team Kill” gong did sound, it should be noted that a DPS from the other side had yet to pick a character, but it was still an impressive feat, leading to a whopping 97% ultimate charge.

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The reason for all the ultimate charge is because of how the game treats environmental kills. Knocking a 600 HP enemy off the map will net you all the ultimate charge you otherwise would have gotten by doing 600 points of damage over time.

Blizzard Entertainment
Oasis is one of Overwatch’s best Control maps.

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Best of all, this strategy could also be performed once your team has control of the objective and the enemy decides to all go that route to reach the point.

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Next time you’re on Oasis, give it a shot and see if you can score a team kill by your lonesome.

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