California earthquake doesn’t stop Overwatch pros from pushing the payload

California has been rocked by earthquakes this week and one of them happened during peak West Coast Overwatch hours on July 5, but it didn’t stop Matthew “super” DeLisi and his team of pros from pushing the payload.

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There have been two fairly powerful earthquakes so far in California this week that struck near the town of Ridgecrest, about two and a half hours away from Los Angeles where the majority of Overwatch League pros live.

Some OWL teams were safely in Atlanta for the Reign’s Homestand Weekend, but Super, Indy ‘SPACE’ Halpern, Jun-woo ‘Void’ Kang and Damon ‘Apply’ Conti were all in a Competitive match when the tremors hit.

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Blizzard EntertainmentThat last Earthshatter was a little much, Rein.
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“Is that an earthquake?”

Poseidon decided to start shaking the earth right as Super as his team were resetting in spawn and it took a few seconds for the pros to realize what exactly was going on.

“Yo, I just felt an earthquake, bro I just felt an earthquake,” Super told the other players in the Shock house. “Wait, what the fuck? I’m fucking shaking, wait, this is big.”

Blizzard EntertainmentCould D.Va’s bomb cause an earthquake? We like to think so.
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If you look closely at Super’s stream you can kind of tell when the earthquake hits because of the face cam shaking.

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But these are pro players – the best Overwatch has to offer – and a little seismic event wasn’t going to stop them from doing what they do best.

As Super and his team pushed in the middle of a literal earthquake, SPACE even managed to eat the opposing Hanzo’s Dragonstrike with D.Va’s Defense Matrix, which may be the first time an Overwatch ultimate has been denied during a natural disaster.

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Super and friends weren’t the only ones to feel the quake while playing Overwatch: Team SoloMid’s Ali ‘Myth‘ Kabbani was in the middle of a match when it hit, but the Fortnite pro didn’t seem too phased.

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Luckily there haven’t been any deaths or reports of serious injuries from this week’s earthquakes, but they have caused plenty of damage and displaced a few thousand people.

It is pretty amazing though that these Overwatch pros were able to push the payload easier during an earthquake than most players can under normal, less shaky circumstances.