Brilliant Wrecking Ball design turns Hammond into a map of the Overwatch world

Blizzard Entertainment

One creative Overwatch fan has come up with a skin design for Wrecking Bal that literally turns Hammond into a piece of Overwatch lore.

You’ll have a tough time finding a hero that’s more in vogue in Overwatch right now than Hammond and his Wrecking Ball mech. 

The hamster might be cute, but he packs plenty of firepower, mobility, and a large health pool that he can make even bigger with shields. He’s had plenty of great skins over the years, but none are quite as clever as a new design made by Redditor RevrsePalndrome, who wants to turn Wrecking Ball into a map of Earth in the Overwatch universe.

Wrecking Ball Overwatch gameplayBlizzard
Hammond, pictured here scoping out the enemy backline for unsuspecting healers to pounce on.

Despite the constant complaints from Overwatch fans about the lack of lore or story for the game, Blizzard has steadily put more material since release that paints somewhat of a clearer picture. One thing we still don’t have though is an actual map of the world of the game itself.

Diablo, Warcraft, StarCraft, these are all Blizzard franchises that pride themselves on their maps and in-game worlds, but Overwatch fans don’t have any real idea of how Earth as a whole looks in Overwatch — other than what we can see of the Iberian Peninsula through the telescope on Horizon Lunar Colony and the globe in Watchpoint’s attacking spwan, that is.

That’s why making Wrecking Ball into an actual map of the world could be so fun. It would be a great way for Blizzard to potentially hide teasers and spoilers right under players’ noses like they’ve done before (ie: The Sombra ARG).

The only thing missing is a little spyglass for Hammond himself.

How the map would exactly look is also a mystery. We know some modern countries like the US, UK, Germany, Mexico, South Korea, and others still exist, but what about Numbani? Is it a city, a state, or a city-state? Where is it in Africa exactly? Little tidbits like this the skin could reveal would definitely be a treat.

Really, the only thing this skin could use is some kind of cartographic garb for Hammond himself, maybe a take on a famous explorer like Marco Polo or something. Give him some kind of old, floppy hat and a spyglass, and we’ll be satisfied.

We don’t have an exact date just yet, but the Lunar New Year event is coming right up. this skin probably won’t be included (sadly) but some kind of new Wrecking Ball skin definitely could be included.