Brilliant Overwatch combo lets Zarya & Symmetra instantly win matches

Published: 11/Feb/2021 20:14

by Michael Gwilliam


Capturing objective points in Overwatch can prove to be challenging against skilled defenses, but a sweet and simple combination with Zarya and Symmetra can make victories super snappy.

Ever since her second rework, Symmetra has been a key component on 2CP offenses, especially on Hanamura where allies can use her Teleporter to get directly to the point.

Being able to teleport your team from the choke all the way to the objective and force the enemies to come to you is a major benefit and can help secure quick captures.

Of course, the one drawback about this is that you have to inevitably fight the enemy team to maintain that capture progress — something that still may not go your way, even with a positional advantage.

Zarya looks smugly
Blizzard Entertainment
This combo works best with a Zarya.

This all changes, however, once a Zarya is brought into the mix. To be more accurate, a Zarya with her ultimate, Graviton Surge, fully charged up and ready to be unleashed.

As shown by Redditor ‘KronalgalVas,’ the use of a Symmetra Teleporter in conjunction with a Zarya ultimate can turn the tables on a defense that is far too aggressive.

While attacking Point B on Temple of Anubis, the enemy team had pushed up a bit too far and had left the objective clear. After using the Teleporter to reach the point, the Symmetra and Zarya found themselves staring down their opponents who made a mad dash back.

Symmetra and Zarya teleporter backcap with clutch Grav at last moment from Overwatch

Even though the enemies tried their hardest with a Zenyatta even popping Transcendence to get back quicker thanks to its speed increase buff, they were no match for Zarya’s Graviton Surge which kept them from reaching the objective.

As you can see, the enemies could only watch as the progress kept ticking up, resulting in a win.

The best part about the combo is that only a single ultimate is needed and it’s really not that difficult of a strategy to pull off. It could end up coming up clutch in other maps too, such as Hanamura with enemies on the high ground or even payload maps, assuming the enemy is pushed up and the payload is near the objective.

Next time you’re in a tough spot, try to coordinate this combo and reap the rewards.


FIFA 21 Team of the Week 22 live: release time, leaks, predictions

Published: 24/Feb/2021 7:35

by Isaac McIntyre


The next FIFA 21 Team of the Week, TOTW 22, is now on its way in Ultimate Team ⁠— here’s everything we know about the next in-form team of 2021, including any EA SPORTS leaks, the promo’s release time, and more.

Right off the bat, we’ll admit this Team of the Week lineup has no clear star headliner crowning the squad. That said, it does look like a pretty cracking team, all up.

We don’t think FIFA 21 players will be complaining too much, however ⁠— derby heroes Richarlison and Jadon Sancho lead a potentially forward-slanted squad after ousting their opponents Liverpool and Schalke 04 in local clashes over the weekend. Real Madrid maestro Casemiro may also be splashed in too.

Lautaro Martinez could be a headlining star in TOTW 22 as well after the Inter striker dismantled local title rivals Milan in yet another February grudge match. The 3–0 win, which saw Martinez score twice, put Inter in first place.

Wolverhampton keeper Rui Patrício could also be included.

Here’s everything we know about the mid-week FIFA 21 promo, including when the Team of the Week lineup will drop, and Dexerto’s weekly predictions.

Jadon Sancho missed out last week, but the young Englishman may be included in TOTW 16 instead.
Jadon Sancho may have earned his spot in TOTW 22 after demolishing Dortmund’s local rivals Schalke.

Team of the Week 22 start time

On Feb. 24, FIFA 21 publishers EA will release the twenty-second batch of Team of the Week cards. The TOTW 22 promo will begin at 6pm (UK time), as per usual.

That means 6pm BST, 12pm CT, 1pm EST, 3am AEST for those around the world.

These boosted TOTW 22 player upgrades will be announced at the same time as they drop in-game in FIFA 21. Keep your eyes peeled on our official Twitter account — we always make sure to share the team as soon as it’s live.

FIFA 21 Team of the Week 22 leaks

So far, EA SPORTS hasn’t let any early Team of the Week 22 cards slip ⁠— the last time they accidentally pushed out upgrades early was TOTW 7, and more recently 10. The last two months have been fairly sparse in that regard.

If any leaks drop ahead of the official TOTW 22 reveal, we’ll keep you updated.

Richarlison sunk defending champs Liverpool with an 86th minute goal at Anfield.
Richarlison sunk defending champs Liverpool with an 86th-minute goal at Anfield.

Our FIFA 21 TOTW 22 predictions

While you wait, make sure you check out Dexerto’s TOTW 22 predictions. We’ve compiled a list of all the players that could get those IF cards this week; let’s see if you agree with our tips.

Here’s our list of predictions. Once the official team has been released, you’ll be able to see how many we guessed correctly:

  • Daniel Cárdenas – Levante
  • Rui Patricio – Wolves
  • Birger Meling – Nimes
  • Filip Mladenovic – Legia Warszawa
  • Dani Calvo – Elche
  • Jerry St Juste – FSV Mainz
  • Marcel Sabitzer – RB Leipzig
  • Casemiro – Real Madrid
  • Gaetano Castrovilli – Fiorentina
  • Bernardo Silva – Manchester City
  • Daichi Kamada – Frankfurt
  • Mario Gotze – PSV
  • Renato Steffen – Wolfsburg
  • Jadon Sancho – Borussia Dortmund
  • Lucas Piazon – SC Braga
  • Yusuf Erdoğan – Kasımpaşa
  • Stephy Mavididi – Montpellier
  • Dusan Tadic – Ajax
  • Harvey Barnes – Leicester City
  • Lautaro Martinez – Inter Milan
  • Richarlison – Everton
  • Patson Daka – RB Salzburg
  • Alexander Isak – Real Sociedad
  • Sander Van de Streek – FC Utrecht 
Casemiro was the difference with a lone goal against Real Valladolid last Saturday.
Casemiro was the difference with a lone goal against Real Valladolid last Saturday.

So, there you have it ⁠— Dexerto’s full list of predictions for Team of the Week 22.

Once we have our hands on the confirmed list of upgrades, we’ll be sure to add them to this article and let you know. Until then, enjoy a few games of FIFA!