Brilliant Overwatch combo lets Zarya & Symmetra instantly win matches

Magician Symmetra skinBlizzard Entertainment

Capturing objective points in Overwatch can prove to be challenging against skilled defenses, but a sweet and simple combination with Zarya and Symmetra can make victories super snappy.

Ever since her second rework, Symmetra has been a key component on 2CP offenses, especially on Hanamura where allies can use her Teleporter to get directly to the point.

Being able to teleport your team from the choke all the way to the objective and force the enemies to come to you is a major benefit and can help secure quick captures.

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Of course, the one drawback about this is that you have to inevitably fight the enemy team to maintain that capture progress — something that still may not go your way, even with a positional advantage.

Zarya looks smuglyBlizzard Entertainment
This combo works best with a Zarya.

This all changes, however, once a Zarya is brought into the mix. To be more accurate, a Zarya with her ultimate, Graviton Surge, fully charged up and ready to be unleashed.

As shown by Redditor ‘KronalgalVas,’ the use of a Symmetra Teleporter in conjunction with a Zarya ultimate can turn the tables on a defense that is far too aggressive.

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While attacking Point B on Temple of Anubis, the enemy team had pushed up a bit too far and had left the objective clear. After using the Teleporter to reach the point, the Symmetra and Zarya found themselves staring down their opponents who made a mad dash back.

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Even though the enemies tried their hardest with a Zenyatta even popping Transcendence to get back quicker thanks to its speed increase buff, they were no match for Zarya’s Graviton Surge which kept them from reaching the objective.

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As you can see, the enemies could only watch as the progress kept ticking up, resulting in a win.

The best part about the combo is that only a single ultimate is needed and it’s really not that difficult of a strategy to pull off. It could end up coming up clutch in other maps too, such as Hanamura with enemies on the high ground or even payload maps, assuming the enemy is pushed up and the payload is near the objective.

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Next time you’re in a tough spot, try to coordinate this combo and reap the rewards.

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