Brigitte visual bug is catching some Overwatch players by surprise - Dexerto

Brigitte visual bug is catching some Overwatch players by surprise

Published: 25/Feb/2019 23:18 Updated: 25/Feb/2019 23:55

by Bill Cooney


A new visual bug affecting Brigitte appears to made its way into the game after Overwatch’s latest patch, and its throwing off a lot of players.

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Overwatch’s latest update hit the game on February 19 and brought the game’s newest map, Paris, with it.

Besides the new map and an update to hero health recovery, it looks like the patch may have had a bug that affects Brigitte’s shield as well.

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Reddit user shaidarolcz managed to capture a gif of the bug in action and it seems to happen when Brigitte is set on fire from Ashe’s Dynamite.


While Brigitte’s on fire from the explosion her shield turns completely opaque, and doesn’t allow them to see anything in front of them while the shield is active.

Ashe’s Dynamite burns heroes for five seconds, and the ability’s cooldown is 10 seconds, which means a competent Ashe could keep Brigitte on fire for a while if they focused on her.

via Gfycat

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Another Reddit user named Bullgrit also captured the bug happening in Quick Play, so it seems to happen no matter what game mode is being played.

Since the bug completely cuts off sight directly in front of Brigitte, this is probably something Blizzard will want to fix sooner rather than later.


Given how polarizing Brigitte has been, some players will no doubt be happy about this unintended effect, but it probably won’t be around for long.