Blizzard reveals new Overwatch 2 character models for Baptiste & Sombra

Alan Bernal
overwatch 2 blizzard
Blizzard / Summer Game Fest via Twitch

Blizzard gave fans a first-look at Baptiste and Sombra’s new character models in Overwatch 2, showing new tech that the devs are working with for the sequel.

The studio is making a bold move to 5v5 gameplay in the upcoming Overwatch title. As such, Game Director Aaron Keller said Blizzard is trying to remake the formula to feel “new and familiar.”

We already saw what the company was thinking about when they first revealed a cinematic for Overwatch 2, that came complete with looks to Mercy, Winston, and more.

But that taster is now extending to returning heroes Baptiste and Sombra, with upgraded looks that will make them fit into the new world.

With Baptiste, Keller showed off the new look for the healer that comes with all new hair shader technology. He’ll have an accompanying cape and gloves that glow, giving more vibrance to the Haitian combat medic.

Similarly, Sombra will have a meaningful upgrade to her look with even more digital-inspired designs embedded into her hair, cape, and clothes in Overwatch 2.

In the work-in-progress demo, we mostly got to see Baptiste in action by the use of his Biotic Launcher and a peek into the Immortality Field.

Overwatch 2 has new player models for Baptiste and Sombra.

We can expect Blizzard to give deeper looks into the individual parts of Overwatch 2’s at a later date, since characters and mechanics will have to fit into the new gameplay system.

Every character in the Overwatch roster is going to get entirely new models for the sequel, with a bevy of updated tech to fit into the new world.