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Blizzard responds to Overwatch bug making Tracer’s Blinks worthless

Published: 23/Sep/2020 17:41

by Michael Gwilliam


Tracer is easily one of the most powerful heroes in Overwatch with a kit that, when mastered, can be a frightening force in the enemy backline. Sadly, even with her supreme mobility, an annoying bug can turn the 150 HP menace into a pushover.

Due to her low health, Tracer relies heavily on using her Blinks to get around and confuse the enemy team. When she uses her three Blinks, however, she’s a bit of a sitting duck for anyone with decent aim.

On Junkertown, there are some nooks and crannies where the game’s mascot can zip in and out to deal massive damage to opponents at a close range. It’s a bit of a trade-off because in these rooms there’s less space for Tracer making her more vulnerable, but she can possibly land a juicy Pulse Bomb ultimate onto enemies.


This all said, as showcased by Overwatch streamer Kragiee, there is one room where Tracer’s Blinks are completely nullified making her about as useful as a Baby

Tracer on Kings Row tunnel
Blizzard Entertainment
Tracer without Blinks is very vulnerable.

During a September 22 broadcast, the Twitch streamer and his team had to hold Point A on Junkertown after an abysmal attack phase. While they were doing well, draining half the time off the clock, the Tracer player suddenly found himself in a large health pack room in the middle of the first objective area.

After he noticed the enemy Zarya use her personal Barrier, he aimed to use his Pulse Bomb on the off-tank, but soon remembered that the room he was in was bugged – and we’re not talking about wiretaps.


“Oh no, there’s a bug in here,” the streamer groaned as he tried to Blink backwards against the charged up tank. While he did manage to stick the Pulse Bomb, the Zarya was able to secure the kill onto him before being blown up.

“F**k dude!” Kragiee swore. “The fact that Blinks are bugged in there is so dumb. Like, I actually can’t Blink in there.”

Once the match was over and the defeat screen faded, the European loaded up a custom game to show his viewers just how bad that room is for Tracer.

As he explained, Blinking in this particular room doesn’t work for Tracer as she doesn’t move forward at all. However, she still uses her Blink cooldowns, making them completely wasted.


Luckily, it seems like Blizzard is aware of this bug and is working to solve it as a post on the official forums puts Tracer being “unable to Blink in certain, small rooms” in the Known Issues list.

Hopefully, the bug is resolved soon so Tracer players no longer have to worry about their Blinks not working in small rooms, such as that one on Junkertown.

Until then, it’s something that players should be aware of both when fighting the hero or playing as her.