Blizzard responds after Overwatch 2 fans watch hours of OWL without getting rewards

Overwatch League rewardsBlizzard Entertainment

Blizzard and the Overwatch League (OWL) has responded to online complaints about players not receiving their Overwatch 2 in-game rewards, reassuring players they will be investigating the issue.

Much discussion has been made about the way in which Overwatch 2 devs Blizzard have changed how monetization works in the sequel, doing way with loot boxes and changing to a battle pass model.

However, one such way for Overwatch fans to unlock in-game rewards in OW2 without paying is by watching Overwatch League matches and content.

For 2022, the Overwatch League perks included League tokens, icons, name cards and sprays.

As well as these smaller cosmetics rewards, Overwatch players were also able to unlock unique skins, with one skin becoming available for every three hours of League that was watched. For this particular instance, the skins that could be obtained were for Sojourn, Junker Queen and Kiriko. 

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However, players have gone online and expressed their frustration at not being given their rewards despite meeting the requirements. One Reddit user posted how, after reaching out to Overwatch support, they were essentially told that there was nothing that could be done.

“Ok well I guess if you haven’t gotten your OWL rewards yet you never will,” they said. “Thanks Blizzard. I love wasting 35+ hours of watching, then waiting over 2 weeks to get a reply from support to basically say oops too bad for you.”

In light of these issues becoming more and more apparent within the community, the Overwatch League has addressed the situation and promised they will be looking into it so players are given the cosmetics they earned.

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The league also adding “our teams have been working hard to resolve complications on several fronts and reconcile millions of records impacted by partner reporting issues. This is why many are still seeing inconsistencies in their rewards.

“We remain committed to delivering all earned items.”