Blizzard dev hints at full Overwatch Workshop release

The Overwatch Workshop has been a hit with fans in its short time since it was introduced on April 24, and Blizzard might be finally ready to officially release it to the game’s live servers.

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The Workshop is a “simplified game scripting system” within Overwatch that lets players make tweaks to everything from game mechanics, hero builds, and so much more. While it might sound confusing or complicated, Overwatch fans have been loving the mode since it launched.

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Even though the Workshop has technically been in beta this whole time, the Overwatch community have already been using it to create game-changing or hilarious modes that give the Blizzard team-shooter a completely new purpose.

[ad name=”article2″]BlizzardPlayers have been using the Workshop to create troves of unique game modes since its launch.

Overwatch developer Keith Miron had a message for all Workshop creators that the company is “going to be winding down [the] PTR soon” as they prepare for a full launch soon.

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“Hi guys, we’re going to be winding down PTR soon,” Miron said on the Blizzard forums. “…Make sure to generate codes for work that you want to have carried over once PTR shuts down. You have this weekend to do so, but no guarantees after that!”

Although no specific launch date was given for the full release, many are suspecting that the Workshop is going to be down for the routine couple of days before being pushed to the live servers.

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Others were even wondering if the Workshop could be coming with the launch of Overwatch’s 2019 Anniversary event that should be coming soon as well.

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Blizzard ForumsThe announcement by the Overwatch developer about a full release for the Workshop!600[ad name=”article3″]

What can the Workshop make?

Fans have been churning out amazing creations with Overwatch’s in-depth creator mode like much needed practice tools for aim as well as tower defense modes that completely change that game’s premise.

Even more intriguing, players have actually been fumbling with different hero abilities and changing their mechanics to essentially create their own concepts for new characters.

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Then there are downright unique modes that some people have made which gives players the ability to control two heroes at once for ridiculous combos.

Even in the PTR the Workshop has been the source of incredible additions to Overwatch’s offerings. With backlogs of community feedback for Blizzard to work with, the Workshop’s full release is bound to produce even more exceptional creations upon release.

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