Blizzard confirms Overwatch 2 hit registration is “pixel-perfect” amid complaints

Widowmaker in overwatchBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players have complained about the game’s hit registration and aim sensitivity at launch, sensing something is off. Blizzard has denied these claims saying it’s all working “pixel-perfect”, although there are rubber banding issues.

Overwatch 2 has had a rocky launch, to say the least. From server issues and missing content from the merger plaguing the first few days, combined with balancing complaints and even a ranked glitch placing players far below their skill level, the developers have been playing significant catch-up.

One of the prominent problems is a two-fold server one: rubber banding and hit registration. Rubber banding has proven to be a big issue with the likes of Mei and other terrain-altering characters, glitching through surfaces being commonplace.

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Blizzard are aware of this particular fault and has prepared a fix to go live in the near future.

“We want to ensure games play out fairly for all players in all matches,” developers stated in an October 13 blog. “In a future patch, we’ll fix an issue that could cause some rubber banding in-game.”

However, the hit registration one is more contentious. There’s been discourse around the game’s aim sensitivity being skewed by controller settings, something the developer denies. Hit registration and bullets not connecting despite audio and visual indicators have also been reported.

overwatch cole cassidy new blood skin on temple of anubisBlizzard
Some Overwatch 2 players have complained about the game’s hit registration being off, but Blizzard says that’s not the case.

Some players have been especially outspoken about the perceived hit registration issues, including Brian ‘Kephrii’ St. Pierre. However Blizzard says these faults are not on their side at the very least, but players might be having warped perceptions based on the replay tool.

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“We also want to be certain that hit registration for shots fired is working pixel-perfectly,” they continued. “We have investigated reports from players about hit registration, and many reports are actually related to how our replay tool works, which does not perfectly capture the alignment of each player’s aim.”

Despite the claim nothing was wrong in the first place, some players have reported feeling much better, so take the debate with a grain of salt. As discourse continues around the mechanic though, you can bet hit registration is something the developers will keep their eyes on if the reports ramp up.

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