Bizarre Overwatch bug transports heroes off of maps

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

A bizarre Overwatch bug is transporting heroes off of maps to fall to their doom, but it might not be the first iteration of the bug we’ve seen in the game.

Bugs are common in Overwatch and there are some that have been around since day one. This includes the one that transports D.Va or Tracer to random, remote corners of the map.

Now, a new version of this glitch seems to have popped up, apparently affecting Reaper’s teleport when it’s used by Echo.

Reddit user snieprsqanza posted a video of the glitch in action to the Overwatch subreddit on July 26. Everything seems to be going fine, until they try and Shadowstep with an Echo copy of Reaper.

Instead of reaching their intended target, they pop out on the very edge of the map, a hilariously far distance from the actual play area.

Even with Echo’s ability to fly, she’s unable to make it back and falls to her doom. While funny, and probably annoying for the player, the good news is it probably won’t happen to you. This is because needs to be perfectly timed with Reaper’s Shadowstep happening just as Echo is returning to her base form.

This confuses the game, so it sends the player to the map origin instead, just like we see with D.Va with the bug that launches her into orbit when she demechs.

It’s definitely a humorous interaction, but we wouldn’t exactly call it “game-breaking” as you can simply respawn and get right back into the fight.

That is unless you’re fighting on point in overtime, but the chances of perfectly timing the ability while this is going on at the end of a match as well are pretty slim. So, it’s probably not high on the list of priority fixes for devs, especially with Overwatch 2 right on the horizon.