Bizarre Overwatch bug gives Hanzo POTG for killing his team

. 2 years ago
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A new Overwatch bug has surfaced that gives Hanzo players kill credit even if they manage to eliminate their own team due to an enemy Genji’s Deflect ability.

The strange bug was brought to light on Reddit by user ‘JbJbJb44’ who uploaded a video of the strange bug in action.

While loaded into a custom game with numerous Lucio bots, the player and a friend showcased what happens when using Hanzo’s Dragonstrike Ultimate at a deflecting Genji at point-blank range.

Blizzard Entertainment
Only a Shimada can control the dragons.

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Surprisingly, the deflected Dragon doesn’t change from blue to red, like it would in previous patches when deflected, and the kill feed is also blue with the eliminations being credited to the Hanzo player and not the Genji.

Perhaps strangest of all, however, is the fact the intentional misplay ended up earning the Hanzo Play of the Game honors.

Fellow Redditors were confused over the bug and struggled to make sense of the situation. “Why would those be attributed to Hanzo though?” Gabrill wrote. “I feel like there’s some f**kery going on in this video but I’m too stupid to figure out what that f**kery is.”

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Luckily, JbJbJb44 was able to address the strange bug in a reply. “Before Echo came out, a deflected dragon will credit the kills to Genji,” he explained. “But for some reason, now it gives the kill credits to Hanzo.”

Overwatch’s iconic Play of the Game system has been under scrutiny as of late for seemingly always awarding healers with the highlight, to the point where even the devs chimed in, saying that a fix was being worked on.

“We are testing a fix and hope to resolve the issue with our next release (1.47),” developer Matt Whited wrote on the official forums.

Blizzard Entertainment
Watch out for the deflects.

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It’s unclear if said fix was applied and that’s what resulted in this weird bug, or if it only applies to custom games, but it’s certainly very strange and hopefully will be patched out whenever the next update goes live.

Until then, Genji mains everywhere have a stolen POTG to complain about in addition, of course, to not getting enough healing.

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