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Bizarre Overwatch bug gets Roadhog’s hook stuck on Immortality Field

Published: 26/May/2020 0:05

by Michael Gwilliam


Baptiste’s Immortality Field is one of Overwatch’s most powerful non-Ultimate abilities, with the power to grant teammates a chance at cheating death. As it turns out, however, the move can also be extremely frustrating for Roadhog players, thanks to a new bug.

While Roadhog isn’t exactly the most optimal tank meta-wise, his hook can be extremely useful when it comes to scoring eliminations and dragging a foe right back into your team for a swift elimination.

Amusingly, the hook functions differently depending on what it’s being used on. For instance, when an enemy player throws her mech with self-destruct, Roadhog can grab it and send it either away from his team (depending on where he’s positioned) or into them, resulting in a hilarious misplay.


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Immortality Field can even keep the ones you care about from dying.

With Immortality Field, much like Torbjorn’s Turret, the hook itself doesn’t reel its target in, but it does deal 30 damage – the same as a melee – upon impact. That said, it seems that Roadhog currently has some issues hooking Baptiste’s cooldown.

Redditor ‘slyjd’ showcased in a video where their team was attacking on Junkertown and about to cap the final point.

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Roadhog hooking Baptiste’s immortality field bug from Overwatch

As an enemy Baptiste appeared, the Roadhog player tried for a hook while the healer threw the Immortality Field to the ground at their feet.

Instead of hooking the Baptiste, the chain locked onto the Immortality Field as the drone rose from the floor to its aerial position, all while the hook remained attached to it.


If this wasn’t strange already, the hook stayed attached for a few seconds before finally breaking. However, it seems to have only broken because slyjd’s Tracer teammate destroyed the drone.

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Blizzard Entertainment
If Blizzard can fix this bug, it would get a thumbs up from Hog mains.

In the killfeed, while the Tracer got credit for killing the done, slyjd got an assist as the Roadhog icon appears next to Tracer.

“Somehow managed to hook Baptiste’s Immortality Field. Couldn’t shoot or use abilities until teammates destroyed it,” the user explained.

The whole situation was very strange, with some Redditors wondering if Blizzard should make Immortality Field a real target that can be hooked away.


In any case, it’s yet another bug that seems to have emerged with the Anniversary patch. Hopefully Blizzard will fix it, along with the other issues, in time for the next update.