Best Overwatch characters: Support tier list

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Overwatch‘s expansive roster is packed to bursting with unflinching heroes and volatile villains, but who are the best Support characters to use in 2022?

As we hurtle ever closer to the highly anticipated launch of Overwatch 2, players have been diving back into Blizzard’s flagship FPS in order to hone their skills and take these familiar faces for a spin in the upcoming beta.

While the fast-paced DPS role is where most players flock to, others are much happier sitting on the backline and helping out their allies. Enter Supports, the life’s blood of Overwatch that are oftentimes key to a team’s success.

Of the healing class, however, which ones are the best? Here’s a rundown of the best Overwatch Support heroes in 2022 to help you make an informed choice coming into your next few games.


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Coming into Overwatch 2 you’ll need to know which Supports to use.

Best Overwatch characters: Support

As a general overview, these are where we place Overwatch’s Supports in the current meta:

Tier Character(s)
S Ana, Mercy
A Moria, Zenyatta
B Baptiste, Lucio
C Brigitte

Overwatch Support characters ranked



overwatch mercy resurrecting a fallen ally
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The posterchild of Supports, Mercy remains at the top of the tier list.

Wondering if you should have picked Mercy? The answer is yes, you absolutely should have. The Swiss combat medic’s single-target healing and power boost are perfect for helping your Tanks shatter the frontline, and her Guardian Angel makes flitting into the backline to take care of your DPS incredibly easy.

Coupled with her Resurrect and Valkyrie ultimate, not only is Mercy an easy first pick for those that are new to the game, her high skill ceiling means that she’s absolutely unstoppable in the right hands.


overwatch ana on oasis with sniper rifle
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While she may be hard to master, Ana can be one of Overwatch’s best healers if you put in the work.

For those who love a challenge, Ana is the support for you. Utilizing her sniping skills to her advantage, her trusty rifle fires healing darts at allies and deadly damaging shots at her enemies.

A well-placed Biotic Grenade can both heal up enemies and inhibit it for enemies, but it’s her Nano Boost that truly sets her apart. Boosting up a DPS like Genji or Reaper just before they ult transforms them into a lethal weapon.

Ana does rely a lot on communication, however, meaning that she falls a little short of Mercy on this list.



overwatch moira using orbs
Blizzard Entertainment
Moira’s dual DPS and healing abilities make her a force of nature.

Perfectly balanced to both heal allies and drain foes of energy, Talon scientist Moira remains one of the game’s most formidable Supports. While initially seeming complex, she’s great for newer players because of just how many different ways you can play her.

Her Coalescence ultimate is perfect for cutting a line through hordes of enemies, or it can be used to heal up low-health enemies. She’s incredibly powerful, but recent nerfs have dropped her down the table a little, positioning her at the higher end of the A tier.


overwatch zenyatta using orbs of harmony and discord on Oasis
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There are some serious similarities between Zen and Moira.

If there’s one character that has caused Overwatch fans to flip their tables and smash some screens, its Omnic monk Zenyatta. With the ability to one-shot foes and get out without a scratch, you’re left feeling anything but tranquil when you’re sent back to spawn in pieces.

Despite some believing he’s overpowered, Zenyatta isn’t an easy character to master. You’ll always need to keep tabs on your Orbs or Harmony and Discord, as well as look out for the perfect moment to pop Transcendence and keep your allies alive. If you’re willing to put in some work, you’ll shine on Zen, but he’s not for the faint of heart.



overwatch baptiste on watchpoint gibraltar
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Looking to light ’em up? Baptiste is your guy.

Hailing from Haiti with a stacked kit, Baptiste makes use of an arsenal of healing-focused technology to help out his team. Not only can he take to the skies with his Exo Boots, but he can also drop an Amplification Matrix that increases the damage of ally projectiles that pass through it.

Coupled with his Immortality Field the combat medic may seem OP, but his Amplification Matrix isn’t the easiest piece of utility to make use of, and his Immortality Field requires good placement to ensure that it isn’t immediately destroyed.


overwatch lucio
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Speed boooooost!

Once upon a time, Lucio was a must-have for every squad, but sadly he’s fallen down the tier list a little. While his Speed Boost and Healing Boost are great AoE abilities, even with the Amp It Up boost he struggles to heal at the same rate as other heroes.

His Sound Barrier creates temporary shields for his allies, but it doesn’t matter much if they’re not getting the healing they need. As much as we love Brazil’s resident DJ, it’ll take a few buffs to get him back up to the top of the table.



overwatch brigitte looks out into the sunset of Gibraltar with a flag behind her
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Maybe one day we’ll get to see Brigitte back on top.

As Blizzard struggles to create a solid identity for Swedish Tank-Support, Brigitte finds herself at the tail end of the pack. While she’s great for clearing space with her Whip Shot and providing heals in short bursts, her Supportive abilities pale in comparison to her colleagues.

Hopefully, with a little more tinkering, we’ll see Brig transform back into the powerhouse she once was, but, until then, we’d recommend giving her a miss.

So that’s it for the Best Overwatch characters on the support roster. Looking to brush up on your skills coming into Overwatch 2? Be sure to check out our Overwatch guides:

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