Baptiste story could hint at upcoming Overwatch Hero 31

. 3 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment

The new short story released by Blizzard on June 17 previewed an upcoming skin for Baptiste, but could also give players an early look at “What You Left Behind” follows Baptiste and his former Talon teammate “Mauga” as they go on a mission in Haiti and also contains flashbacks to his time in the organization.

A lot of people are convinced Mauga is a favorite to be the next Overwatch hero, since we get quite a bit of detail about his abilities while reading through the short story.

Blizzard Entertainment
Baptiste and Mauga in “What You Left Behind”.
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Finally, a Talon tank hero

Mauga shares a lot of similarities with the Talon Heavy Assault in the “Retribution” and “Storm Rising” Archives events, particularly his twin heavy machine guns “each as tall as a full-grown man”.

From the artwork along with the story, he also seems to be packing some serious armor, maybe on par with Reinhardt himself. During the story Baptiste even comments that “Mauga was like a demon” he’s so hard to take out.

He also has a large, frontal combat shield he can use, but whether it only protects him or his teammates as well remains to be seen.

Magua was illustrated in a lot of detail in the new short story, where he appears as a massive dude covered in tattoos with a white streak through his hair. He’s basically the poster boy for the Talon Heavy Assault.

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When does Mauga come out?

June 17, when “What You Left Behind” was released, was the first time we’ve seen or heard about Mauga and there was no information given that hinted towards a release date.

There will probably be a mini-event similar to the Bastet and Nano Cola challenges where players can unlock the new Baptiste skin previewed, but we have no clear dates for that at the time of writing either.

With everyone freaking out about a possible new hero and players itching to earn the new Baptiste skin, it would be the perfect time for Jeff Kaplan to deliver another Developer Update with more information.

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