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Awesome Overwatch mode puts an interesting twist on FFA

Published: 17/Jun/2019 10:59 Updated: 17/Jun/2019 11:36

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has used the Workshop to create an interesting new take on the Free-For-All (FFA) game mode.

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The latest creation from prolific Workshop developer DarwinStreams puts a new spin on one of the oldest modes in gaming.

Anyone who’s spent time playing free-for-all in any game has likely experienced games in which, despite playing fairly well, you just can’t keep up on the scoreboard because other players keep “stealing” your kills – you put in most of the hard work, and someone else comes along at the last moment and takes credit for the elimination.


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This can be particularly frustrating in Overwatch due to the nature of the heroes and how they interact with one another – there’s not much worse than dealing over 500 damage to a Roadhog only for a Tracer to zip in at the last second and steal the final blow.

In Darwin’s take on FFA, eliminations don’t matter – the goal is simply to deal as much damage as possible, with the first player to deal 10,000 total damage the winner.

Those who want to try out this game mode for themselves can do so by importing it with the share code P48Q5.


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10k Damage FFA [workshop by DarwinStreams] from r/Overwatch

The mode changes the dynamic of the game, notably shifting the balance of power in favor of heroes who can pump out consistent damage and away from those who rely on quick bursts, like Widowmaker, while the likes of Roadhog are in danger of feeding easy damage to other players.

Since the release of the Workshop, Darwin has established himself as perhaps the most prominent creator using the feature, having produced a huge variety of custom games, from Overwatch training modes to entirely new games like the hugely popular D.Va racing. He’s also explored using the feature to develop visual and gameplay updates for existing heroes.


The Workshop has given Overwatch players more ways to enjoy the game than ever before. Whether you want to develop your own game modes or simply play the creations of others, tweak the standard game in small ways like this free-for-all adaptation or experience something totally different, there are now a massive variety of options available thanks to the feature.