Atlanta Reign player pulls off insane Lúcio hard carry to clutch in ranked Overwatch - Dexerto

Atlanta Reign player pulls off insane Lúcio hard carry to clutch in ranked Overwatch

Published: 2/Nov/2018 15:57 Updated: 17/Jan/2021 21:16

by Joe O'Brien


Atlanta Reign support player Petja ‘Masaa’ Kantanen put in an incredible carry performance with Lúcio to clutch a ranked game.

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Masaa showed off the skills that helped him reach the Overwatch League with a flawless sequence of play to secure a control point.

Playing on Lijiang’s Night Market point, Masaa found himself forced to fight for the point alone as Lúcio against multiple enemies as the game went to overtime.

With the rest of his team wiped out, Masaa began by dropping a solo Sound Barrier simply to contest and buy time. Doing so allowed him to pick off the enemy McCree, before escaping to survive and coming back in to assassinate the enemy Mercy.


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From there, Masaa remained elusive as his team began to return to the fray, dropping in for kills, healing up his team-mates, and preventing enemies from making it back with well-placed “boops” from the Sonic Blaster.

When the point ultimately went to Masaa’s team – keeping them alive in the map – he’d racked up five final blows, but the impact he had on the win was immeasurable.

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Masaa is a member of the new Atlanta Reign roster, one of the eight expansion teams joining the Overwatch League for Season Two. Unlike the other expansion teams who have announced any roster details, Atlanta features no players that competed in Season One of the league.


Prior to joining the Reign, Masaa played in Contenders Europe for Team Gigantti, finishing second place in Season One and 3rd/4th in Season Two.