Original Ashe Overwatch skin is perfect for Halloween

Blizzard Entertainment

Ashe doesn’t have any skins for Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event, yet, so one creative fan decided to fix that and make their own.

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It can seem like she’s been in the game a lot longer than she has, but Ashe was only introduced at BlizzCon 2018 in November.

This means she, along with Baptiste and obviously Sigma, haven’t gotten to see a Halloween Terror event yet and don’t have any of the skins that come along with it.

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Armando Gonzalez-DortaVampire Ashe would be perfect for Halloween Terror.
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“That’s what you get the girl who has everything”

Looking ahead to October and the return of spooky season in Overwatch, artist Armando Gonzalez-Dorta decided to create his own Halloween skin for Ashe and it would definitely be a hit with fans.

Gonzalez-Dorta did a fantastic job turning Ashe into a blood-sucking member of high society with the detailed skin that really gives her the vampire look.

Armando Gonzalez-DortaThere’s just something about that green Vampire Ashe.
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Unlike Symmetra’s Vampire skin, which is just an Epic reskin of her original, Vampire Ashe would definitely be at least a Legendary, with her Viper Rifle and Dynamite being completely transformed.

Her gun looks like an undead Tommy Gun and that glowing crystal with the little face on it sure does look ready to explode, just like her Dynamite.

Ashe didn’t get a Summer Games skin this year so if she does receive a Halloween one (which she should) hopefully it’s as awesome as Gonzalez-Dorta’s Vampire Ashe.

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Armando Gonzalez-DortaVampire Ashe even gets a cool new Viper Rifle skin.
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Where are the new Ashe skins?

Ashe and Baptiste both got new Legendary skins for Overwatch’s Storm Rising Archives event earlier in 2019, but both got skipped over for Summer Games and Anniversary this year.

With Summer Games coming to a close on Monday, August 5, the next event on the calendar for Overwatch is Halloween Terror, which usually begins towards the beginning of October.

Blizzard EntertainmentHalloween Terror and it’s skins are always a hit with Overwatch fans.
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Even though Halloween Terror is still a few months away, it’s clear Ashe players are hungry for the hero to get more new skins to add to her collection.

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