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Another potential Overwatch 2 hero found in BlizzConline footage

Published: 22/Feb/2021 22:22

by Bill Cooney


Some Overwatch players believe they’ve found another new hero that will be arriving with Overwatch 2 following BlizzConline 2021.

BlizzCon was the biggest day in over a year for news and updates on where exactly Jeff and the team are at in the development of Overwatch 2. We may not have gotten a release date, but we did see more of the new game than ever before.

Included in the teasers for new maps, and a potential shake-up to competitive, eagle-eyed players also found what they believe to be hints for a few new heroes joining the game.

Blizzard Entertainment
A number of new Omnic NPCs were shown off and some think one could be a hint at a new hero.

The Junkerqueen was the first new hero players were convinced had been inadvertently shown in the footage, along with a possible clan system, and now another potential new hero has been identified: Soundquake.


Basically, the theory breaks down like this: some players believe that the large Omnic NPC with a horn on his head revealed during BlizzConline looks a lot like an Overwatch hero that appears on Winston’s computer in Watchpoint Gibraltar.

In the comparison below posted to the Overwatch subreddit by u/Youngstown_Mafia the two do seem to be somewhat similarly built. They also included a picture from the Busan MEKA base map, but we already know that’s part of D.Va’s “Schoolgirl” Legendary skin, and so is not a hidden teaser.

Both designs have a rhino-like horn on their heads and a similar head, but that’s really all we can tell since the image for Soundquake only shows a headshot.


I honestly believe Soundquake is coming to Overwatch 2 . The robot on top is from the behind the scenes footage and might be based off his model (Speculation). from Overwatch

It’s important to note that while searching for hidden secrets and new heroes might be fun, it’s all just speculation at this point, and will be until Blizzard makes some kind of announcement, or even until Overwatch 2 actually comes out (whenever that is).

Even though we didn’t get a release or beta date, BlizzConline was a breath of fresh air for fans who have been waiting over a year for an update, and given us plenty to comb through until we get more news.