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Annoying Overwatch bug is throwing Sigma players for a loop

Published: 28/Sep/2020 1:24

by Bill Cooney


A particularly frustrating new Overwatch bug has started popping up for Sigma players and is causing them a lot of confusion when using the tank’s abilities.

Love him or hate him, Sigma has become one of the go-to tanks among Overwatch players since his release in 2019, thanks in part to his versatile shield and powerful kit.

A key element in Overwatch though, are the animations your abilities make while you’re using them. They let you know which ones are currently active and in some cases, can help you aim and position yourself for maximum effect as well.

This is what makes a new Sigma bug popping up so annoying: it throws his hand animations out of whack, making it very difficult to see what’s going on.


Has anyone else experienced this bug with Sigma’s hands? from Overwatch

In the clip above, Sigma throws his Accretion before quickly activating Kinetic Grasp, which absorbs all incoming projectiles and turns them into shields.

The only problem is that instead of showing the purple orb that represents the ability in the Tank hero’s hands, they’re still posed like he’s throwing the Accretion rock.

Kinetic Grasp is probably the worst Sigma ability to have glitch out too since it’s animations give you a solid idea of how much damage you’ve absorbed.

Unfortunately, the user playing Sigma activated it behind their shield, so there’s no way to tell whether or not it was functioning as normal, or if more than just the animations that were glitching out.


Sigma Kinetic Grasp
Blizzard Entertainment
Kinetic Grasp is by far one of Sigma’s most valuable abilities, it’s basically like D.Va’s Defense Matrix also giving her shields.

One thing to note is that the cooldown for the ability still started, and Sigma was spouting off the appropriate voice lines, so it seems that this bug is probably nothing more than a very annoying visual glitch.

That being said, we still hope Blizzard devs don’t take too long on rolling out a fix for it. It might not be as game-breaking as the bug that’s nerfing Reaper’s shotguns at the moment, but it’s still incredibly frustrating to deal with.