Amateur Overwatch 2 team baits OWL pros into must-see double boop bamboozle

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An amateur Overwatch Contenders team pulled off an incredible bamboozle against their OWL opponents in the Pro-Am that has the community shocked.

The Overwatch League 2023 Pro-Am kicked off with a bang last week with a series of matches between pros and amateurs and there were some shocking results to say the least.

In addition to the two-time champs San Francisco Shock losing to a Contenders team, the Saints managed to stun fans with a crazy double boop play.

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The best part of this play is that you could make use of this tactic in your own ranked games, as it helped the amateurs clutch out an important fight win against the OWL‘s London Spitfire in the nick of time.

Overwatch team stuns pros with insane double boop

During their second game on Blizzard World, Saints found themselves needing to capture the first point in order to get a shot to continue the map, but were up against the wall.

After losing tank Michael ‘mikeyy’ Konicki, the rest of the team, led by Lucio Diego ‘Vega’ Moran headed towards the water behind the objective.

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Meanwhile, mikeyy switched from the Winston to Wrecking Ball to get back to the fight faster and from behind, came rolling in, knocking the Spitfire towards the edge of the map, followed by Vega booping them for a massive double elimination.

With the Spitfire losing both supports, the rest of their team crumbled and Saints were able to capture the point, keeping the match going.

Sadly, despite the amazing play, the Spitfire managed to hold their foes back and take the series, but the amateurs definitely proved they can hang with their performance.

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