All-natural Overwatch skin idea turns Zenyatta into magical mushroom

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One Overwatch fan’s new skin idea for Zenyatta turns the support hero into a mushroom straight out of the forest and…it looks like it could be featured in an actual event.

We’re right in the middle of the 2021 Anniversary event with all the new and old content it’s made available, but one hero who didn’t get any brand-new content for this event was good ol’ Zenyatta.

Now, to be fair, Zen did get a weekly challenge skin during Archives 2021, so it’s not like he’s desperate for new cosmetics like Symmetra right now, but that didn’t stop Overwatch fan and artist Eva ‘evanyla’ Cringle from coming up with an awesome new design for the Omnic monk that we think would fit perfectly.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Did you get enough stars to unlock Subaquatic Zenyatta?

Just like the “Subaquatic” Archives skin goes great with Submarine Wrecking Ball, the “Mushroom” skin created by evanyla would be the perfect partner to Orisa’s Forest Spirit skin.

The Omnic looks entirely at peace underneath a massive red mushroom cap that we (and enemy Widowmakers) really hope would glow in the dark in-game. Throwing up his signature peace sign, we can see the vines and smaller shrooms covering his robot body.

One of the best parts of this skin, as with any Zenyatta cosmetic, is what’s been done to his orbs. Each is covered with smaller vines of their own, and lets off a heady pink glow.

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A graphical effect that could really sell this skin is having his discord and healing orbs sprout out of their targets as purple or gold mushrooms.


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Finally, his ultimate could project a trippy mushroom mandala on the floor, bringing it all together to be the greatest fungus-based Overwatch skin we’ve seen yet.

This is such a great design because it goes with Blizzard’s own style for Overwatch skins we’ve seen develop over the years. Like we mentioned earlier, it would be a perfect pair with Orisa’s Forest Spirit, and we could definitely see something like this being included in Anniversary loot boxes in the future.

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