AEW wrestler shoots for a new high score with Dva Overwatch attire

Connor Knudsen. Last updated: Jan 12, 2022
Twitter: @NylaRoseBeast / Activision Blizzard

Overwatch continues to show its cultural power as one AEW wrestler was spotted in attire that fans will instantly recognize as D.Va’s, the game’s MEKA hero.

Overwatch’s unique cast of characters inspires all sorts of dedications, from cosplays to artwork and everywhere in between.

Some popular figures have honored the game’s Korean hero, D.Va, including Halsey, and that list continues to grow today.

AEW wrestler, Beyoncé Bloodlust, posted her own homage to the hero on Twitter today, showing just how far this game’s reach extends.

AEW Wrestler pays tribute to Overwatch’s D.Va

overwatch out of meka shoots into camera
Activision Blizzard
D.Va is a character that fans love to dress as, with one of the game’s most iconic looks.

D.Va is known by many for her massive MEKA unit that she fights in most of the time. But, when that takes enough damage, we get to see the true fighter behind the controls.

Her outfit is one of vibrant blue’s and pink’s, which has led to many in the real world going for looks of their own that look like the hero.

The most recent to do this is Beyoncé Bloodlust, a wrestler and internet personality with a large following on Twitter.

She posted a picture of the D.Va-inspired attire on January 12 to her Twitter, pairing the top with her AEW Heels beanie.

The post has immediately gained some traction from those in the Overwatch community who love to see their favorite heroes get shoutouts of their own in culture. “Did not know you are a D.Va main,” wrote one in the comments.

It’s amazing to see that references to Overwatch continue to be as popular as they do, even despite a significant content drought and numerous delays to the game’s sequel OW 2.

It’s proof that the heroes within the game have captured the hearts of many and become a sort of culture of their own.

The only question is, who’s next? We’ll be sure to keep an eye out, so stay tuned to Dexerto for all the latest Overwatch-inspired fits!