Adorable Overwatch crossover turns Animal Crossing villagers into heroes

by Meg Bethany Koepp
Blizzard Entertainment / Nintendo


With what is one of the most unlikely crossovers ever, a group of Overwatch fans decided to see what it would look like if Animal Crossing villagers came to the hero shooter – and it's actually really adorable.

When playing Animal Crossing, the last thing you probably think about is Overwatch, and vice versa. They're both on two very different levels of gameplay, with one being a crazy, fast-paced FPS and the other being a chilled out and relaxing life simulation.

Esports group Elo Hell did just that, though, and combined the two in what is probably the cutest video game franchise pairing you'll ever seen. AC Overwatch skins, when?


Overwatch x Animal Crossing

The concept takes the FPS's selection screen and turns all of the available characters into adorable villagers. Straight away, in one of the most fitting choices, Ana is replaced by snooty cat Ankha who looks just like an Egyptian pharaoh. The support hero was born in Egypt and is based in Cairo, and even bears a tattoo of the Eye of Horus, making the kitty the perfect match.

Another great fit is peppy rabbit Ruby in place of tank D.Va. The mech hero's signature emblem is a pink bunny with a fierce facial expression, so it comes as little surprise that they went for the white and pink hare to represent her.

In one of the more menacing picks, Junkrat is interchanged with mouse Bella, who has a creepy smile etched across her face – much like the DPS character does when causing mayhem.


Another appropriate choice is Roscoe for Reaper. The cranky villager is the dark horse of the series – literally – which makes him the best fit for the deathly damage-per-second character. Especially since the AC villager has piercing red eyes, which are just as threatening as the mercenary's skull-shaped hood.

The most fitting of all, however, is Wrecking Ball's replacement – Graham the smug hamster. Inside the ball sits Hammond, an adorable yet deadly rodent who uses his mech to speak via soundboard.

In Animal Crossing, the villager is known to be a tech fiend, hoarding several computers and other pieces of equipment in his house, which makes him the ideal candidate.

The hamster is obsessed with technology.


The latest addition to the Animal Crossing series, New Horizons, released on March 20 to rave reviews from critics and fans alike, and quickly became the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch title to date.

It's so popular that even esports organizations like 100 Thieves have put their merch in the game.