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Absurd Overwatch trick gives players a surprise counter to Junkrat’s trap

Published: 27/Jul/2021 19:00

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players looking for a new way to counter Junkrat’s trap and completely catch the DPS hero off guard should look no further than this secret speed trick.

Junkrat’s trap and mine combo is one of the oldest kill confirms in Overwatch. By placing a trap on the ground and a mine over it, a Junkrat can deal enough burst damage to instantly kill the majority of the game’s cast.

Even in 2021, players are still falling victim to this lethal combo and it doesn’t even need the mine either.

A single primary fire grenade shot to a trapped target can result in a kill too, meaning Junkrat can be a major menace if he’s not dealt with.


Overwatch Junkrat trap counter

While shooting Junkrat’s trap is the obvious and standard way of dealing with the ability, there is another much lesser-known way that players could take advantage of if they have the skills.

As shown by Overwatch streamer Flats, while observing the replay of some bronze ranked games, a Wrecking Ball player sped towards the point on Lijang Garden and ended up breaking a Junkrat trap despite the “trapped” prompt popping up.

Bizarrely, the player ended up falling to their death, but as it turns out, that was just because they either weren’t skilled on the hero or were just as surprised as Flats was.


“I’ve never seen this happen before!” the tank specialist roared after watching the replay.

How it works

Taking to social media, the Twitch star demanded answers. “This is the weirdest interaction I’ve seen in a long time,” he said while recruiting Junkrat main Aquamarine to provide insight into the interaction.

According to the fellow streamer, the trap can be broken by fast-moving targets and it isn’t limited to Wrecking Ball.

“Lucio (when amping speed) can break trap,” he revealed. “Ball moving around (not even in fireball) can break trap. Had the ball continued moving/not fall into the pit he would have just continued rolling.”


So, basically, the fact the Ball player fell to his doom had nothing to do with Junkrat and could have just “taken the trap damage and moved on.”

Of course, this also means that players can take advantage of their need for speed and completely counter the trap.

It’s definitely something to consider and have up your sleeve in the heat of battle. It could end up earning you some additional SR.