A Major Update is Coming for Overwatch Map Horizon Lunar Colony

by Joe O'Brien


An update is on its way for Overwatch Assault map Horizon Lunar Colony.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has revealed in a recent post on the official Overwatch forums that “big changes” for the map are coming and will likey be released to the Public Test Realm near the beginning of June.


Players got a surprise hint at what was coming for the map near the end of April, when some changes were accidentally included in a PTR patch. At that time, Principal level dsesigner David Adams said:

“Well that wasn’t supposed to happen but there you go. We have some changes that we are still working on and testing for the map so what you are seeing here may not be final. Also as an FYI it won’t be released with the next patch and no eta for when it will be released as it is still a rework in progress.”

A look at the map as it was then can be seen here:


Jeff Kaplan has now given an ETA for when Blizzard actually intends to put the new map, which has presumably seen further changes since, on the PTR. He didn’t go into detail, although in his response to a comment which noted the ease by which the defenders can move between their spawn and Point B, Kaplan did state that it was “fixed”.

“We have big changes coming to the Horizon map. The changes will most likely hit PTR close to the beginning of June. We’ve fixed the Defender spawn room issue you noted on Point B (among other things).

More details to come as we get closer.”

Horizon was not a launch map with Overwatch, instead being added to the game in June of 2017. It’s not the first map to have received an update after being released, although it seems it could be on track for the most significant rework so far.