9-year-old Overwatch player schools community with crazy skills

Unsplash / Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch community was blown away when a Redditor posted a video of their 9-year old daughter pulling off an insanely creative ultimate play as D.Va, proving that she’s got skills even at such a young age.

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D.Va is one of the most popular characters in Overwatch, attracting players from all ages and backgrounds to the lovable Korean gamer who uses her mech to fire rockets and slay her foes. 

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Reddit found out how young a demographic D.Va actually appeals to, when a user uploaded a video which featured his 9-year old daughter playing the tank character, and the Overwatch community was left amazed by how good her skills are given her age.

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“Nerf this!”

A Reddit user by the name of ‘darbsllim‘ made a post on the Overwatch subreddit titled ‘My 9 year old daughter’s most creative D.Va. nuke yet’ that showed a Play of the Game that she’d achieved.

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The 9-year old is seen at the final capture point on the King’s Row map, and she cleverly uses her Mech’s rocket boosters to fall beneath the level, fly around to the other side, and flank the enemy team by complete surprise, as she unleashes her ultimate.

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According to her father, the young girl was playing Overwatch even when she was 8 years old, and while D.Va is her main, she’s also good with other characters.

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He uploaded a video showing a compilation of her matches that led up to her going from gold rank to platinum in competitive mode, which is insane in its own right, but even more impressive given the fact she’s only nine.

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Due to some doubting that it was the girl playing, the Redditor linked to his daughter’s YouTube channel, which hosts many videos, showing her progression over the years as she honed her skills.

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One video in particular is a compilation of the young girl at 8 years old, and has her voice commentary as she plays, proving that its her behind the screen. Which makes for a hilarious watch, given her insight at that age, paired with her skills.

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If nothing else, this just goes to show that it’s never too early to start gaming, and that Overwatch can bring people from all ages together. 

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