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10 Heroes of the Storm skins that need to be added to Overwatch

Published: 4/Apr/2019 20:04 Updated: 4/Apr/2019 20:22

by Bill Cooney


There are several Overwatch characters in Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm, and some of the skins they have available in that game make Overwatch players green with envy.

Heroes of the Storm came out in 2015 and it’s added a total of 7 Overwatch heroes to it’s roster since: Hanzo, D.Va, Ana, Junkrat, Lucio, Zarya and Tracer.

Each hero has their own unique skins in Heroes and some Overwatch players probably wouldn’t mind them being added to their favorite game.

Here are ten of the best Heroes of the Storm skins we’d like to see in Overwatch:

10. Novazon Widowmaker

Blizzard EntertainmentNova isn’t an Overwatch hero, but this skin would work just fine for Widowmaker.

Technically, Nova isn’t an Overwatch hero, but Widowmaker has a Nova skin in Overwatch, and Nova also has a Widowmaker skin in Heroes, so we’ll let this one slide.

“Novazon” is a spin on Amazon and the armor sort of resembles Zarya’s Barbarian skin. Widow would also get a crossbow instead of her rifle, just like Sombra’s Demon Hunter skin.

Like a lot of the Heroes skins, the hitbox and some other things would need to be tweaked and adjusted to make it work in Overwatch, but it would be a ton of fun to score headshots with a crossbow.

9. Spectre Tracer

Leslie Van den Broeck/Blizzard EntertainmentTracer, Black Ops style.

Tracer is the poster girl for Overwatch, so she usually gets some pretty great skins, but some of the best examples are in Heroes of the Storm.

Spectre Tracer sort of resembles her Anniversary Graffiti skin, but with a more military style gas mask and bayonets on her pistols, whatever good that would do.

Probably because Heroes of the Storm is viewed from the top down and the character models are smaller, Tracer’s guns seems a little large in the Heroes screenshot.

8. Soundblast Lucio

Blizzard Entertainment

Lucio is a classic Overwatch hero, but he could always use some more great skins, and his Soundblast skin from Heroes would be a great place to start.

It gives Lucio a cybernetic-looking helmet that definitely fits with the hero, and could be the next step of his incorporation of Vishkar Corporation technology, to draw from Overwatch’s limited lore on the Brazilian DJ.

7. Goliath D.Va

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch features a few skins from StarCraft, another Blizzard game, but nowhere near as many as Heroes.

One page Overwatch could take out of their playbook is a great skin called Goliath D.Va, named after the Terran unit in the StarCraft series.

Besides being an awesome tribute to one of the greatest RTS series of all time, this skin also has two massive rocket launchers on top of D.Va’s mech, finally solving the age old mystery of where her Micro Missiles come from.

6. Steel Dragon Genji

Blizzard Entertainment

This skin takes Genji’s original look and transforms him into more cybernetic dragon than ninja with some sweet new armor.

His sword looks more like something out of Dark Souls than a sleek katana, but no doubt it would be plenty of fun to Dragonblade enemies with.

5. Cyberdemon Zarya

Blizzard Entertainment

Zarya is often considered by Overwatch players to have the most disappointing selection of skins to choose from, and the great skins she has available in Heroes only make it hurt that much more.

Cyberdemon Zarya gives the Russian armor that resembles Genji’s Blackwatch skin and the coolest looking Particle Cannon we’ve ever seen.

4. Fallen Junkrat

Leslie Van Den Broeck/Blizzard EntertainmentThe Fallen skin somehow makes Junkrat even more evil.

The first thing you might say when you see the Fallen Junkrat Heroes of the storm skin is, “That looks a lot like his Krampus skin in Overwatch,” and you would be kind of right.

The great thing about the Fallen skin though is that it could be used any time of year, not just during the holidays, and the red skin really makes Junkrat look like the demon he is.

3. Speed Demon Lucio

Blizzard Entertainment

This Lucio skin was introduced for the new Caldeum Complex Heroes of the Storm event and it is without a doubt one of his best in either HotS or Overwatch.

It gives the Brazilian DJ a demon outfit and even a mask that would definitely make an impression on opponents before you boop them off the edge.

Plenty of Overwatch-playing Lucio mains will be wondering sadly why HotS got this skin while they’re still rocking Bitrate from last year’s Anniversary event.

2. Phantom Knight Zarya

Dan Pingston/Blizzard EntertainmentNo Reinhardt? No problem.

It seems like all of Zarya’s cool skins went to HotS, for some reason and Phantom Knight is no exception.

This skin is what would happen if you took Reinhardt’s Bloodhardt skin, made it even more badass, and put it on Zarya instead.

Once again, her weapon for this skin is probably cooler than any of her skins available in Overwatch.

1. D.Va the Destroyer

Blizzard EntertainmentTremble before the might of Hana Song.

Ever since this D.Va the Destroyer came out in Heroes, Overwatch fans have been wondering why Blizzard wouldn’t bring such an awesome skin to the character’s original game.

Looking at the skin, which was made along with other Diablo-themed HotS cosmetics,  it’s easy to see why. Her MEKA has been made into a mean-looking demon, and Hana is no longer the cute K-POP star we know and love.

Instead, she looks ready to rain death and destruction on all who stand before her, which is all D.Va mains really want to do anyways.


Cheeky Overwatch trick lets Baby D.Va score environmental kills

Published: 26/Nov/2020 19:30

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players looking to find a new lethal tactic with D.Va should look no further than this trick to surprise and tilt enemy teams.

Since 2016, Overwatch fans have taken highly to the hero D.Va, sporting countless cosplays, creating art, buying merchandise, you name it. Part of the reason for this is just how stylish the gamer-turned-mech pilot is.

As it turns out, however, even outside of her pink mech, D.Va can pack a punch and even eliminate any enemy hero in the game if the opportunity presents itself.

Most people know that D.Va’s Call Mech ability does a bit of damage if you use it directly on top of an enemy player, but not everyone realizes it also has knockback capabilities.

D.va from Overwatch looking cool
Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va is one of the most popular heroes, in and out of mech.

Boops can be one of the best ways in Overwatch to quickly deal with enemies regardless of their HP. Anyone from Roadhog to even Tracer (especially if limited by cooldowns) can fall victim to a well-timed push off the edge of a map.

As Reddit user ‘eregis’ showed, despite being at a disadvantage against a Soldier 76 who put down his Biotic Field for health restoration, the confrontation ended in their favor thanks to the knockback of Call Mech.

While on Rialto, the D.Va player had the Call Mech ability ready, but waited a bit to activate it. First, the player lured the enemy Soldier 76 to a bit of an unfavorable position on Rialto with his back to the water.

After getting the victim close enough to the ledge, the D.Va used Call Mech and sent 76 off the map and to his demise.

Of course, this trick is a bit of a high-risk play. Baby D.Va is tied with Tracer for the lowest-health hero in the game at only 150. However, unlike Tracer, D.Va does haven’t Blink or Recall to get out of tricky situations, so being able to time the Call Mech perfectly can be tough.

Next time you find yourself as Baby D.Va and an opportunity presents itself, try to see if you can secure frags with this ability. Your opponents will never see it coming.