Outriders patch 1.05 is reportedly completely wiping inventories and accounts

. 1 year ago
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While Outriders has had a major inventory bug ever since it was available in its demo-form, the game’s latest patch, version 1.05, is still wiping inventories, and possibly even full accounts, to the point where some players are scared to log in.

Outriders has had its fair share of issues. Not only have the game’s servers been up and down ever since it launched on April 1, with the title being completely unplayable on all platforms at certain points, but it’s been suffering from a number of other bugs as well.

Most notably, players have been reporting that the game is still wiping entire inventory, despite the developers saying that they’ve pushed out fixes that should stop the problem.

Over on Reddit, players are still reporting major problems regarding the inventory wipes. While it’s unknown just how much the situation has changed, the fact of the matter is that the Reddit post dedicated to this issue, which was posted on April 10, currently has over 5,000 comments complaining about the issue.

The developers do say that they are still working on the issue and have a patch in testing as of the time of this writing. That being said, no release date has been provided for the update so it’s unknown when it could come to the game.

Beyond that, some players are also reporting that things might be going further than just an inventory wipe.

YouTuber Born 2 Game said in a recent video that some players are even reporting full-blown account wipes, although the extent that the bug might be affecting people is unknown.

Users will hope that the fix comes sooner rather than later, because as it stands, with the inventory bug and server issues, the game really is borderline unplayable.

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