Outriders New Horizon update patch notes: Tiago rework, new Expeditions & rewards

outridersSquare Enix

Outriders is getting a massive facelift with the New Horizon update. Here’s everything you need to know about the patch notes, including some exciting reworks and new Expeditions.

Outriders, the Square Enix looter shooter, has had a quiet few months since the game exploded onto the scene in April of 2021. But now, it appears that silence has been broken.

Developers have announced a brand new massive update to the game that will go live very soon.

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Here’s more on everything you can expect from the Outriders New Horizon update as well as it’s cost and release date.

Outriders New Horizon release date & cost

OutridersSquare Enix
Outriders newest update is right around the corner.

According to devs, the Outriders New Horizon update will go live on November 16 at 4:00 PM GMT / 8:00 AM PST and will be free for all players on all platforms.

This is the first major update of its kind and will come at no extra cost to players, something that fans have to be excited about.

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Outriders New Horizon update adds four new Expeditions

This new update from Square Enix is colossal, adding in a litany of new changes for players to enjoy. Most notably, this will include four new Expeditions.

These Expeditions will be called Molten Depths, The City of Nomads, The Marshal’s Complex, and The Wellspring.

They will feature brand new characters, returns to areas of old, and some exciting new storylines for players to dive into.

Devs outlined each of the four Expeditions in detail on November 15 as a part of a Reddit megathread. The details of which can be seen in the embed below.

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Tiago’s Store has been reworked in New Horizons update

OutridersSquare Enix
Tiago’s Store is about to look a whole lot different.

Another major facet of these patch notes is the reworking of Tiago’s Store. While it still offers Legendary gear, it now has some other key functionality.

In the same Reddit megathread, devs outlined the overhaul coming to the store, claiming that it will now offer the following options, each costing Drop Pod Resources:

  • Re-roll the available Legendary gear on offer.
  • Purchase a mystery Legendary gear piece.

This, along with changes being made to Eye of the Storm rewards, “are both part of our steps towards making the hunt for Legendaries more fun while also making better use of Drop Pod Resources,” according to devs.

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A full explanation of the rework can be seen in the embedded comment below.

Outriders New Horizon update: Complete patch notes

The complete patch notes were posted on November 15 to the official Outriders subreddit as a megathread. Each change is listed as a comment on the thread, with an index guiding readers to each topic.

Additionally, Square Enix put out both a video spotlighting the massive update and a list of the top 10 components of it if you’d just prefer a snapshot. Both the video and the patch notes can be seen below in their entirety.

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